Disney Has Finally Found Its Mulan And She's Perfect!

For once, they decided not to whitewash an Asian character.

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Disney Has Finally Found Its Mulan And She's Perfect!
Image: Disney
One year ago, Disney fans around the world were thrilled to find out that there will be a live-action remake of Mulan in the works.
In case you’re not familiar with just about every 90s kid’s best childhood memories, Mulan is an animated movie about a young Chinese woman, Hua Mulan, who disguises as a man to take her ailing father’s place in the battlefield in 5th century China.
She really does look like a man here.
The 1998 film was so well-received by critics and the public, earning USD304 million (RM1.24 billion) worldwide as well as Golden Globe and Academy Award nominations.
So after almost two decades and a string of live-action adaptations that Disney lined up, it goes without saying that Mulan was one of the must-have reboots.
Initial reactions that followed were just tweet after tweet of excitement from the news.
Then, came the concern about who’s going to play the Chinese heroine because the fans are not ready to handle another series of Hollywood whitewashing in Asian roles.
You know, when Scarlett Johansson played a Japanese character in Ghost in the Shell and Matt Damon’s lead role in Chinese historical movie The Great Wall.
Even a blind person could tell she ain't Japanese.
But we’ve got good news because Disney has finally found their new Mulan after a year-long search, and she is 100 per cent Chinese!
Chinese actress Liu Yifei has been chosen to star as the female warrior in the upcoming remake.
Look at that face! No wonder people call her the 'Fairy Princess'.
According to The Hollywood Reporter, the casting directors travelled to five continents in search for the perfect candidate who is ethnically Chinese and equipped with martial arts skills, the ability to speak English, and of course, star quality.
In the end, Disney found the complete package in Liu, who stood out among nearly 1,000 hopefuls.
Besides being fluent in English having spent some years living in New York, the 30-year-old is also one of the most successful actresses of this generation.
She is also well-known as a model and singer in China.
Some of the English movies she has starred in include 2008’s The Forbidden Kingdom alongside Jackie Chan and Jet Li, and 2014’s Outcast opposite Nicolas Cage and Hayden Christensen.
She has also worked with Emile Hirsch in The Chinese Widow, which opened in the Shanghai International Film Festival in June this year.
Fans went straight to the internet to voice out their excitement about the news and celebrated Disney for staying true to the Chinese culture and history.
Now, the next important question is: Who will play the hunky Captain Li Shang?

Do you have anyone in mind?

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