Want To Watch Classic Christmas Movies On A Helipad? Well, Now You Can!

This open-air cinema is only around for three days!

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Want To Watch Classic Christmas Movies On A Helipad? Well, Now You Can!
Image: Terry's Facebook
If you’ve never heard of an open-air cinema concept where you can watch movies under a blanket of stars or you simply just missed the opportunity to do so when it was around, well, now’s your chance!

Helipad Cinema, which happens to be the world’s first helipad cinema, returns to Stratosphere at The Roof to provide patrons a starlit cinematic experience – literally!

Who wants to try this out with us?
This is where you will be watching the movie!
The place is seriously LIT and super-Instaworthy, so be sure to head there early to catch the sunset and a bird’s eye view of the Klang Valley. Trust us, your followers will even think that this is somewhere overseas.

And this time, it will be a little bit different.

In conjunction with the Christmas festivities, they will be hosting an X'mas-edition screening some of your favourite classics such as Love Actually, Elf, and Home Alone.

Home Alone is our favourite!
Now, here's the bad news: the Helipad Cinema won’t be around for long though: it’s going to be there for only three days from 15-17 December 2017.

So, if you don’t know what to do for the upcoming weekend or if you’re looking for something special to do to impress your date, this is it. Hurry and book your tickets via their website before your preferred movie slot is sold out.

Tickets are priced at RM45 (early bird) and RM55 (normal price) and every ticket holder is entitled to one free complimentary drink and popcorn.

Perfect place for a first date, too!
There will be beanbags scattered around the rooftop so you can have a cosy, lepak vibe while watching the movie. Blankets will also be provided in case you’re feeling a little chilly.

So, anyone want to take us out on a helipad movie date?

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