'BoBoiBoy' Is Set To Take Over China And India Next Year

The animated superhero will soon conquer the world.

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'BoBoiBoy' Is Set To Take Over China And India Next Year
Image: BoBoiBoy Wiki
BoBoiBoy has been one of the biggest success stories in the Malaysian entertainment industry to date.
Last year, the feature film of the hit animated series became one of the top three local movies that broke the Malaysian box office, grossing nearly RM16 million in 2016 alone.
'BoBoiBoy' has stepped up way more than 'Upin & Ipin'.
Earlier this year in March, the little animated superhero crossed another milestone when BoBoiBoy the Movie became the first Malaysian film to break into the South Korean market!
Imagine that: BoBoiBoy side-by-side in Korean cinemas with your favourite oppas.
After penetrating a country that doesn’t even speak our language, it was only a matter of time before BoBoiBoy conquered the rest of Asia. And that’s exactly what is going to be in the works next year.
The creators behind the 3D animation, Monsta (previously known as Animonsta Studios) announced yet another groundbreaking achievementBoBoiBoy will conquer China and India next year!
Monsta signed an exclusive deal with China’s Tencent Video as well as WebTVAsia to stream and distribute a localised version of the animated series throughout China.
We’re talking BoBoiBoy fully dubbed in Mandarin!
Besides that, Monsta has also joined hands with Disney Channel India to air the series in four languages: Hindi, Tamil, Telegu and English in an effort to spread through Indian sub-continent countries, including Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Seychelles and Sri Lanka.
Spin your way to the mat sallehs next, BoBoiBoy!
The dream to export our local culture and content is about to become a reality as millions of people around the world will soon be able to have a glimpse of the Malaysian identity in their own homes.
Next up, to conquer the United States and Europe!  

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