TV Shows Returning In 2018 That You Simply Must Watch

We know what we're binge-watching next year.

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TV Shows Returning In 2018 That You Simply Must Watch
Just so you guys know, this is not a definitive list. It is instead a list of shows we’ve personally watched and love and really think you should check out too. We’re pretty sure we’ve left out some other awesome ones, perhaps not even having watched some (gasp!), so do share with us some of your personal favourites and highly recommended TV shows to check out after you’re done reading this.  Without wasting more time with unnecessary introductory words, let’s get on with it.


Harlem's Hard-Ass Hero

Sure, Shades was as ‘poyo’ a villain could possibly get and there are apparent plot holes and dialogues that sound rather scripted, but that aside, what a TV show! It’s still no ‘Daredevil’ but what with a stellar cast that includes Alfre Woodard and Mahershala Ali (Cottonmouth was superbly portrayed) and of course an incredible soundtrack selection (remember that scene where Jidenna sings ‘Long Live The Chief’ in Harlem’s Paradise?) gives us hope that Season 2 will deliver. And hopefully in a way that renders the show just as invulnerable as the titular hero himself.
Season 2 Predictions: Misty’s badassery gets a huge bump thanks to her new bionic arm. We’re probably gonna see new villains in the form of Nightshade and Bushmaster. Also, more discoveries shall be made about awesome rap songs that have yet to gain mass popularity.

Looks like something's off the menu for whoever dates Misty

Release Date: TBC (sometime in 2018)


Get ready for more misery.

“Hello, my name is Lemony Snicket, and I am sorry to say that the alleged entertainment you are watching is extremely unpleasant.” Just like the movie, the series is a mix of dark (and it can get really dark), comical, depressing and frustrating (Why won’t anyone believe the darn kids?!). Who better to play the villainous Count Olaf than Neil Patrick Harris? The casting’s great, even the baby who is just super adorable acts real well and should win Best Baby Actor of the year, if such an awards exists. The show is just so many things that comes together perfectly.

Season 2 Predictions: More absurd disguises with “crazy voices” by Count Olaf, more heartache for the kids and we also read somewhere that some characters not included in the book will be introduced.  

Release Date: TBC (sometime in 2018)


Claire runs the world.

Scheme, scheme, plot, plot. Frank Underwood’s coming for that number one spot. Oh wait, not anymore. For those who haven’t seen the show, “A TV show on American politics? Meh” is probably what’s running through your head. Or so we thought too. Then we watched it ‘cause ya know, Kevin Spacey-personal-flaws aside, is actually a great actor. From fraud to influencing the media, murders, terrorists… it’s a scary look into what could (and maybe has) take place. There are more twists and turns than the road leading to Batu Feringghi in Penang. And if anything, Frank and Claire’s relationship is entertaining, if not borderline taboo/unconventional. All said and done, we can’t see the show being stretched any further. It must come to an end, and season 6 is it, that’s why we’re excited about this.

Season 6 Predictions: It’s all about Claire Underwood, baybeh. Sexual misconduct aside, Kevin Spacey’s role and character was honestly already getting dry.

Release Date: It was initially supposed to be June 2018, but delays are to be expected. So… TBC.


The signs are everywhere.

The premise sounds all too familiar - your average family man gets tangled in a web of drugs and thugs. But Heisenberg is not the name you’ll be saying in this show, it’s Marty Byrde. We wouldn’t call the show mind blowing or phenomenal because it takes the Malaysian approach of adopting what works rather than standing out on its own, but even replicating, when done right, can produce promising results. It’s a pretty smart show balanced with violence and dark humor, and that’s why you should watch it. Oh, and the symbols in the beginning is a clever touch we appreciated as well.

Season 2 Predictions: With more money to launder now and the cartel boss “heading off”, we’re pretty sure a bigger and meaner criminal is going to overlook Marty’s job. The annoying part? The kids know the truth now, so expect a lot of whining similar to that of Paige Jennings in The Americans. Urgh.

Release Date: TBC (sometime in 2018)


A demonic mascot? Hells yeah!

Ash is baaaack! That’s all the convincing we needed when we first started watching the show back in 2015. Things you need to know if you’ve not watched it (yet) – the series is based off the 1981 cult horror-comedy film, it stars a chainsaw wielding man named Ash and Xena’s Lucy Lawless is in it. It’s fun, it’s gory, it’s gloriously cheesy.

Season 3 Predictions: We reckon amidst all the glorious gore, blood and demonic violence, the new season will dive deeper into Ash William’s myth. Expect more ancient evil as well, we suppose.

Release Date: February 25, 2018


Meet the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling!

Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, that’s what it stands for if you didn’t know. A comedy about spandex-clad female wrestlers starring Allison Brie? What’s there not to like? The costumes just like the characters are quirky and great, the soundtrack works really well and the show’s empowering as well. It’s just a TV series that anyone can enjoy, so do just that if you haven’t already.

Season 2 Predictions: Season 1 took its time to unfold, so expect way more wrestling in season 2 and perhaps a deeper dive into Ruth and Debbie’s rivalry.

Release Date: TBC (sometime in 2018)


This takes 'Pay to Play' games to a whole new level

Ever fantasized about living in a world where you can literally do anything (or anyone) without repercussions? Of course you have. You could play ‘Marry, Kill or Shag’ in the literal sense . But without revealing too much in case you haven’t seen the show, there’s much, much more to this futuristic amusement park. Some frequent visitors, like the Man in Black knows this. And then some of the android hosts seem to be deviating from their existing scripts and roles. What could this all mean?! A robotic apocalypse? Add in Anthony Hopkins and Evan Rachel Wood to the whole equation and it’s no surprise why the series was so well received. Please watch this if you have not.

Season 2 Predictions: Are you kiddin’? Even Nostradamus couldn’t predict this show. But if anything, maybe there’ll be different types of Worlds introduced now.

Release Date: Spring 2018


Gotham can learn a thing or two.

'Daredevil' was the first of the Marvel Universe’s TV series and in our opinion, is still the best. ‘Iron Fist’ especially, can go to Hell. Putting aside Mat Murdock’s tendency to tilt his face sideways like a puzzled dog when his keen sense of hearing picks up things, Daredevil promises insanely good fight scenes, intimidating villains and its overall dark look makes it a really, really good watch. If you’re confused and unsure of which superhero TV show to pick from the influx of available ones, this is it.

Season 3 Predictions: Wilson Fisk’s prolly gonna make a return, maybe we’ll finally know what The Hand’s massive pit is for (and we’re guessing not a barbecue) and some speculate that Bullseye will make his villainous entrance to the show.

Release Date: TBC (sometime in 2018)


A must watch!

This show is (seriously) immersive. And it gets you all curious about serial killers of the past after which, upon realizing just how closely the characters on the show resemble their real-life counterparts, you’ll be left awestruck. Especially when it comes to Ed Kemper. Monsters have never been more interesting! If you’ve not seen the show, it’s about an FBI agent who is adamant about finding out the motivation and reasoning behind some of America’s most gruesome murders in hopes of better understanding other killers and how to catch them. The casting is absolutely nailed on, the soundtrack is great and it was easily our favourite TV show of 2017.

They don't only look alike, watch the interview and be amazed.

Season 2 Predictions: We will finally know who that guy with the thick moustache at the beginning of every episode is. It’s widely speculated that he’s Dennis Rader (the BTK Killer) and based on the timeline, that’s our guess too. Also, we expect more of Ed Kemper and Holden Ford’s dysfunctional friendship. (Is anyone else getting hints of Will Graham and Hannibal’s relationship here?) According to an interview with Billboard, Season 2 will also cover the Atlanta child murders but what we really wanna see is that damn kitten in Wendy’s basement!  

Release Date: TBC (sometime in 2018)

Honourable mentions and shows that we don’t exactly know when they’ll be released: Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, Making a Murderer Season 2, Rick and Morty, Narcos and American Gods. And when the Hell is Fargo coming back? 



Anything these guys make, we'll watch.

This upcoming TV anthology series will feature six tales about the American frontier, all with a different character and story line. It might be premature to celebrate and add this to the list, some may say, but we forgot to mention that this is also the Coen Brother’s first television project and James Franco’s in it too. Whoops. There’s not much else we know yet about the series.

Release Date: TBC (sometime in 2018)

Got anything else to add to the list? Shows you feel we should check out? We’d love to hear from you! Let us know in the comment section below.

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