5 Reasons Why You Should Go To The World Premiere Of Lee Chong Wei's Biopic This March

It's going to be epic.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Go To The World Premiere Of Lee Chong Wei's Biopic This March
Image: Golden Screen Cinemas

Even 'Titanic' didn't get a premiere of this scale, we reckon.

The massive world premiere of Datuk Wira Lee Chong Wei's biopic titled 'Lee Chong Wei: Rise Of The Legend' is set to take place soon and we finally found out how much those tickets are gonna cost you.

The event, aptly called “World Premiere LEE CHONG WEI Extended Version 133 Minutes”, will take place at the Bukit Jalil National Stadium on 9 March.

According to the organisers, the film will be screened on a 40 metre x 17 metre LED screen placed in the center of the stadium, making it the biggest ever movie screening to be held in Malaysia.

Now, the prices of the tickets: tickets for the special event start at RM88, with the most expensive being RM168.

It's like a rock concert, but it's a movie premiere. Sounds pretty interesting, kan?

The tickets go on sale on 20 January (Saturday), so be sure to bookmark MyTicket Asia's official website if you want to book your seat.

If supporting a local film is not a strong enough reason for you to go to the world premiere, here are a few more reasons to:

#1 It's going to be a special version of the film

In case you totally missed out on the name of the event, the version that they will be screening at the event is the extended, 133-minute version of the film. We don't know the official runtime of the version they will be showing in cinemas, but we know for sure that it's not going to be 133 minutes.

#2 The man himself is going to be there

He should wear this suit to the premiere.
Yup, that's right: the man you've seen countless times on your TV screen will be there in the stadium with you, breathing the same air as you and using the same toilet as you (probably). Not only that, scores of other VIPs are going to be there, among them the members of the Thomas Cup 1992 winning team, badminton legends, celebrities and the cast and director of the movie.

#3 You are going to be in the Malaysia Book of Records

Look ma, I'm a record holder!
If being part of the largest ever movie screening in Malaysia is not impressive enough, you also get to be a part of the Malaysia Book of Records. The organisers are expecting at least 20,000 Malaysians to be at the screening, and that mark will be enough to set a record in the Malaysia Book of Records. Hey, this is probably the only chance you have to etch your name in the Book of Records. 

#4 You'll each get a limited edition goodie bag

We know, we know; the ticket prices are pretty steep, but you won't be going home empty-handed. Every ticket holder will bring home a special goodie bag, which includes a movie T-shirt, one GSC movie ticket, an autographed poster and bragging rights for being this close to LCW. Money well-spent, if you ask us.

#5 There's also going to be a carnival

Looks fun, no?
You can have a good time, before you have a good time. There will be booths selling merchandise and food at the event ground - which will open at 4pm, by the way - as well as performances by renowned local singers. Sounds like fun!

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