Ed Sheeran The Love Song Expert Is Finally Engaged

But we know he won't be playing his own songs at his wedding.

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Ed Sheeran The Love Song Expert Is Finally Engaged
Image: MTV
You can't deny that almost every wedding you attended in the past couple of years played at least one Ed Sheeran song. After all, the British singer-songwriter is practically an expert in writing songs that would melt any girl's heart.

During his concert in Malaysia last year, the whole atmosphere was so romantic that two couples got engaged there!

However, Sheeran did admit when he sat down with him for a quick chat last November that he would much prefer hip hop songs for his wedding to get the crowd going.

And we might actually be able to see that happening very soon because the 26-year-old singer just broke the news over the weekend that he is now engaged to his girlfriend Cherry Seaborn!

It is widely known that Sheeran wrote the super romantic and super popular ballad 'Perfect' we can't get enough of all for Seaborn.

The couple first met in high school and have been longtime friends ever since. But they didn't start dating until three years ago after he invited her to his bff Taylor Swift's Fourth of July party.

So it goes without saying that Swift will most likely be invited to their wedding!

Congratulations, Ed!
Their love has been going so well, especially for Sheeran's music career since he was 2017's most-streamed artist on Spotify.

We hope this relationship will continue to inspire him to make more incredible songs in the near future!

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