If You Grew Up Watching These Cartoons, Your Childhood Was Probably Awesome!

Ahh, nostalgia.

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If You Grew Up Watching These Cartoons, Your Childhood Was Probably Awesome!

Oh, how we miss the simpler times.

Back before iPads and smartphones dominated our lives, there's no better feeling than waking up super early on Saturday or Sunday mornings to catch your favourite cartoons.

And if you, god forbid, miss one episode, it's the end of the world!

We don't know about you, but Saturday or Sunday morning cartoons were the best part of our childhood growing up. Come to think of it, there's really nothing a good episode of cartoon can't fix.

Failed maths in primary school? Watch 'Looney Tunes' to cheer up. Broke your mom's favourite plate and waiting for her to whack you? Watch 'Samurai Jack' to man up.

Back in the 80s and the 90s, there were so many good (and bad) cartoons that graced our TV screen. But if you grew up watching these cartoons, we are pretty sure you had an awesome childhood:

#1 Mighty Mouse

Sorry Mickey, back in the day, Mighty was our favourite kinda mouse. The mouse version of Superman, with his iconic yellow costume and red cape and shorts, kicked major butt when we were little. Probably the only time we wanted to become a mouse.

#2 Biker Mice From Mars

Speaking of mouse, who could forget these biker mice? Throttle, Vinnie, Modo and their awesome-looking bikes from Mars were basically 'The Defenders' long before Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones and Daredevil became 'The Defenders'. 

#3 Captain Planet And The Planeteers

Sure, Captain Planet may look a little funny with his blue skin and green hair, but admit it, he got you caring about the environment more than Al Gore or Leonardo DiCaprio ever did. Until, of course, Don Cheadle a.k.a. War Machine ruined our childhood. Why did you have to do that?

#4 Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers

Move aside, Alvin and the Chipmunks; Chip and Dale are arguably our most favourite chipmunks. Here's a piece of fun fact: did you know that Chip was loosely modeled after Indiana Jones and Dale was modeled after  Thomas Magnum of 'Magnum, P.I'? This makes them even more awesome, kan?

#5 Thundercats

Lion-O and the Sword of Omens. Can you name a more iconic duo? Kylo and Rey doesn't count, mind you.

#6 He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe

He-Man is pretty cool and all -- and his pow wows with Skeletor were usually super fun to watch -- but this question still bugs us 'til this day: what's with the pink shirt and the leggings, man? How can you be the Master of the Universe when you look like you're going to a zumba class?

#7 Dino Riders

It has dinosaurs, lasers and aliens, so how is this not your favourite cartoon series of all time? Oh, the things we would do to have a T-Rex with laser weapons. Can you just imagine going through a McDonald's drive-through with the T-Rex?

#8 DuckTales

Just a quick question guys: did you guys also have the dream of jumping into Scrooge McDuck's vault full of gold coins? Because we are pretty sure we're not the only ones with that dream. Oh by the way, Disney Channel (Astro Ch615) has recently rebooted 'DuckTales' so if you were - or still are, we're not judging - a big fan, you can relive your childhood all over again.

#9 Voltron

When we were kids, we've always wanted to become a Voltron pilot because, come on, is it not one of the coolest robots ever? Then, as we grew older, our dreams faded because 1) we probably can't afford the fuel to fly Voltron and 2) a Voltron pilot probably don't get paid much.

#10 M.A.S.K.

Not to be confused with the Jim Carrey 'Mask' (although we remember the cartoon was pretty entertaining back in the day). And as much as we love 'Transformers', we still think the flying cars and bikes of 'M.A.S.K.' are way cooler. Who doesn't want the red Thunderhawk?

#11 Wacky Races

Speaking of cars, there's no cartoon more entertaining, we feel, than 'Wacky Races'. Every episode is like a box of chocolates: you'll never know who's gonna win the race (or something like that). PS: Penelope Pitstop will always and forever be our favourite.

#12 Turbo Teen

Actually, we have no idea why we even put this cartoon in this list, because come and think of it, it's actually pretty creepy and definitely weird af!

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