The Latest 'Pacific Rim Uprising' Trailer Has Jaegers Fighting Jaegers And It Will Blow Your Socks Off

But we thought Jaegers are all family!

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The Latest 'Pacific Rim Uprising' Trailer Has Jaegers Fighting Jaegers And It Will Blow Your Socks Off
We are about two months away from the release of Pacific Rim Uprising and the second official trailer has finally dropped.

And the sequel to the movie about giant robots fighting alien monsters looks like everything the other giant robots fighting alien monsters movie a.k.a. Transformers isn't.

The first trailer teased more about the story and characters backed by a speech by John Boyega's character Jake Pentecost as they set up for yet another 'biggest battle the world has ever seen'.

We also got a sneak peek of the army of Jaegers and giant Kaiju monsters that are bigger and badder than before.

Pacific Rim Uprising picks up 10 years after the first war between the Jaegers and Kaiju when something happens that opened the doors for the monsters to return from their world and attack Earth.

The second trailer hints a possible traitor as we hear, "Someone let them in. Someone from our world." And this was possibly why you can see Jaegers in a fight against their own kind because they were obviously controlled by the 'bad guys'.

Pentecost, who happens to be the son of the deceased former leader of the Jaeger troops Stacker Pentecost, then leads a pack of inexperienced pilots as they enter into a new battle.

The next thing you'll see is basically scene after scene of buildings in the city getting destroyed in typical giant-robot-fighting-alien-monster fashion.

And there is also a scene of Pentecost and a bunch of drunk people passed out around a pool with giant Kaiju skull right next to them. What!

That's not something you see in your backyard every day, right?
Pacific Rim Uprising is set to hit the cinemas here on 22 March 2018 and we are already sitting at the edge of our seat. Doesn't the trailer make you want to control your own army of Jaegers too?

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