This T-Rex Just Crushed His Way Through the American Ninja Warrior Course

He was the oldest contestant to date at 65 million years old.

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This T-Rex Just Crushed His Way Through the American Ninja Warrior Course
Image: NBC
History was made when a dinosaur competed against hundreds of contestants in American Ninja Warrior. Yes, you read that right, a dinosaur. Over the past few seasons, this TV show has attracted many fans and contestants from all walks of life so it’s no surprise that they receive a few unique contestants every now and then.

So, how did this prehistoric animal fare on the course? After making his big entrance, he roared his way through the obstacle course without breaking a sweat. The audience went wild and everyone was rooting for him with chants of “Dino! Dino! Dino!” The TV hosts themselves were hyped up in disbelief and excitement after Mr. T-Rex here completed one challenge after another. He went further than anyone could have ever expected but it all came to an end when he fell down while completing the “Spin Cycle”. One of the hosts was even quoted saying “Well, it wasn’t the meteors that ended the dinosaurs, it was the Spin Cycle”. Guess this dinosaur had only one thing to blame – his tiny hands.

Watch the hilarious clip below:

Despite his fall, T-Rex still took on the last challenge which was the dreaded Warped Wall to complete the course. He ran up just once and made it to the top. Hats off to you, you prehistoric beast! 

So who is this mysterious man hiding behind this carnivorous animal suit? It’s 30-year-old Reko Rivera, an actor/entertainer who works at Universal Orlando Resort.  He competed in the previous season and was known as the “bearded guy with the signature red cape” among American Ninja Warrior Fans.

Earlier this year, a video of him in the same dinosaur suit went viral when he performed some “Jurrasic Parkour” stunts. 

American Ninja Warrior is a sports game show spin-off of the Japanese TV series, Sasuke. This season’s winner of American Ninja Warrior will walk away with a grand prize of USD $ 500,000 (RM 2,046,975.00) and also hold the coveted title of the American Ninja Warrior. There have only been two contestants to date that have won the course and achieved “Total Victory” for the past eight seasons. 

Eight seasons would mean that the whole world has witnessed a handful of epic fails and victories from all sorts of contestants. Among the most notable contestants in the past is Kacy Catanzaro, who became the first woman in American Ninja Warrior history to complete the whole course and advanced to the finals.

Watch her victorious moment here:

We admit, American Ninja Warrior is very entertaining to watch, but sometimes, it can also turn out to be truly inspirational. Zach Gowen, a WWE Wrestler defied all odds and took off his prosthetic leg and ran the course. Even though he was beaten by the same challenge that brought down T-Rex, it didn’t dampen his spirits.

Watch the inspirational moment below:

So, do you have any notable contestants that you liked or any episodes of American Ninja Warrior that you’d never get bored of watching? Share it with us in the comments below.

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