‘Charmed’ Is Getting A Reboot Soon But Will It Be As Good As The Original?

Hope they’ll use the original theme song too!

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‘Charmed’ Is Getting A Reboot Soon But Will It Be As Good As The Original?
Image: Andrew Macpherson/WB
The early 2000s was one of the most magical periods in TV history – Charmed was playing on TV and it got girls all around the world secretly wishing they were witches. Plus "the power of three" helped set us free.

The show revolved around three sisters known as the Halliwell sisters played by Shannen Doherty, Holly Marie Combs, and Alyssa Millano. Rose McGowan later joined the series appearing as their half-sister who also had magical powers.

Each sister had their very own powers and our most favourite one would be Phoebe’s where she could get premonitions where it allowed her to see the future and even the past!

Now just talking about the show is making us feel like going on a Charmed binge watching marathon. 

Do you remember the intro?
Well fans, it seems that you can also binge watch on all-new episodes of Charmed soon after it was reported that the series is getting a reboot.

Entertainment Weekly reported that the show will still revolve around three sisters who discover that they are witches but the updated version will be more “fierce, funny, and feminist” and they will “vanquish supernatural demons, tear down patriarchy, and maintain familial bonds.”

Now, the most important question is… will it be as good as the original? And will it include the former cast members who introduced us to girl power and how amazing witches can be?

Since the new Charmed will take place in the present day, there’s a possibility that Doherty, Combs, Millano, McGowan, will appear on the show.

This reunion NEEDS to happen.
Well, let’s just hope that they will be invited for the reboot because to be honest, we’d like to see a Charmed reunion take place. It’ll be epic!

So, who do you think should play the three sisters? Share your suggestions in the comments section below.

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