Malaysia's First Ever K-pop Idol Is Back In Town

The 23-year-old from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah has made history.

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Malaysia's First Ever K-pop Idol Is Back In Town
Image: MMO Entertainment
This 23-year-old made history when he became the first Malaysian to debut in a K-pop group.

Isaac Voo is a proud Sabahan who started dancing since he was 17. He decided to move to South Korea to chase his dream of becoming a K-pop star.

He first tried out to become the tenth member of another K-pop group, AlphaBAT back in 2014, but unfortunately, luck wasn't on his side at the time.

Two years later, Voo joined 5,500 other hopefuls to audition for a survival show called Boys24 by CJ E&M to find the next big K-pop idol group.

Twenty-seven candidates had successfully passed the first round and the Kota Kinabalu native was one of them.

After more than one year of intense training and performances, eight members were finally chosen to debut as IN2IT last October, including Voo and South Korean members, Yoo Youngdoo (Yoo Jiahn), Jeong Yeontae, Hwang Inho, Han Hyunuk, Lee Inpyo, Kim Jinsub and Kim Sunghyun.

Isaac Voo and his group, IN2IT are currently in Malaysia to perform at a showcase tonight.
The new idol group released their first EP 'Carpe Diem' last year and they're currently in town for the first IN2IT Asia Showcase Tour happening tonight.

Having a Malaysian within the group definitely makes this showcase a lot more special, especially for Voo.

"It's a dream come true for me to come back and perform in front of so many people in my own home country," Voo said, as quoted by the New Straits Times.

Despite being a new group, IN2IT managed to draw more than a thousand screaming fans at Pavilion KL on Saturday.

While it is not surprising to see K-pop idols from different countries, like Japan, China, Hong Kong and Thailand, this is a first for Malaysia.

According to The Hive, Voo taught his fellow members quite a few Malaysian phrases, such as leng luibo jio and bagus. He even taught them how to say boleh bah, which means 'sure' in Sabahan lingo.

IN2IT's Asia Showcase Tour 'Carpe Diem' will take place at PJ Live Arts Theatre tonight. So if you want to catch our fellow Malaysian in action as a K-pop idol, get your tickets here!

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