Long Live The King: Why Black Panther Is The Greatest Avenger

Move aside, Tony Stark.

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Long Live The King: Why Black Panther Is The Greatest Avenger
Everyone knows that the biggest Marvel movie of all time, 'Avengers: Infinity War' is set to take place this April. But before the superhero-packed movie premieres comes a pivotal movie to explain the role of a new member of the Avengers – the Black Panther.

Rojak Daily was treated to an early movie screening of 'Black Panther' a week before its official release in Malaysia.

Long story short: let’s just say we left the cinema in awe as this is a Marvel movie in its own league.

All around swag.
The movie is packed with a tonnes of adrenaline rush and action: jaw-dropping fighting scenes, next-level CGI, and plot twists that are so good, even our Malay dramas should take cue from.

Critics in America even dubbed Black Panther as “the best movie Marvel has ever produced so far” and to some extent, we agree.

In fact, after watching the Black Panther's standalone movie, we think he should be the king of Earth's Mightiest Heroes (sorry Cap and Tony Stark).

Here are five reasons why:

#1 Wakanda’s Tech Will Put Tony Stark’s ‘Toys’ To Shame

Behind the dense rain forest lies a utopian world of vibranium.
Shuri, Black Panther's sister is one hell of a fighter and tech wizard.
For centuries, Wakanda has been portrayed as a backward, third-world country. What most of the world didn’t know was that the whole nation is hidden under a dense fake forest to conceal their country’s technologies and greatest asset: Vibranium, the strongest and most precious metal on Earth.

T’Challa’s sister, Shuri, is the grand mastermind who helped develop a lot of technology for Wakanda and Black Panther. Seriously, you’d be swept away by all the cool hi-tech stuff in her lab.

If you thought Tony Stark's toys were cool, wait 'til you check out the scene where the King's toys were put on display.

Coolest superhero suit ever!
But what stood out the most is how she upgraded the Black Panther’s suit into something that not even Mr. Stark has.

The protector of Wakanda’s suit can absorb any hit, any attack, or any impact and turn into his own energy which he can use! Words can’t describe how amazing every time he unleashes the stored energy, so you’ve got to see it for yourself.

#2 He Has A Whole Army From Different Tribes Ready For Battle

Every tribe has their own specialty when it combat.
There are a lot of ethnic tribes in Wakanda and throughout the movie, it seems that almost everyone is equipped with combat skills. Each tribe has a unique way of defense and attack, so you’ll see gigantic rhinos wearing armour plates running around and ordinary-looking capes that double as a shield.

Now, to put this into comparison, the people of Asgard may not all have this ability except maybe the Warriors Three. Cap and Iron Man, meanwhile, have their own army that's so meh that they can't even stop the Winter Soldier from escaping. 

So for Black Panther to have a band of fearless warriors on his beck and call, there's no question who's going to win the war.

#3 His All-Female Team of Bodyguards Is Absolutely Kick-A$$

You DO NOT want to mess with her.
Nakia (middle) is also T'Challa's love interest.
Always by Black Panther's side are guards from a team called Dora Milaje. Women are recruited from every tribe in Wakanda and are trained to become an elite group of bodyguards just to protect the Black Panther.

Nakia (Lupita Nyong’o) and Okoye (Danai Gurira) are the most prominent body guards in this movie and their combat skills are pretty bada**. They'd go out of their way to defend the throne and are very loyal to their king. Definitely not the type of people you’d want to mess with.

#4 He Has The Greatest Weapon Of All - Vibranium

His suit is probably stronger than Thor's Mjolnir!
Wakanda is a country literally built on Vibranium after a meteorite hit the country about 100,000 years ago. Vibranium is the strongest and most precious metal on Earth. The people of Wakanda incorporate Vibranium in their daily lives – their clothes, their houses and their vehicles are all made out of this precious metal.

So technically, they are the richest country in the whole planet. (Take that, America!) Plus, T'Challa has access to it anytime so this also makes him the richest man on Earth.

Also, if you remember, Captain America's shield is also made of Vibranium. And judging by the recent 'Avengers: Infinity War' trailer, it seems that even Tony Stark asked for help from the King of Wakanda. 

#5 He's The Only King In The Avengers

Long live the King of Wakanda!
T'Challa is the direct descendent on the late T'Chaka, so he's the heir to the throne. Anyone who takes the throne will also automatically become the Black Panther and receive his super powers.

Unlike Thor, who's supposedly to be the next King of Asgard following the demise of his father Odin, he was never officially pronounced as the new ruler of Asgard. Therefore the only king in the Avengers is the Black Panther.

Captain America, Tony Stark, Hulk, Black Widow, and the rest are just... superheroes? They're definitely not blue bloods but hey, they can still be the king or queen of their own abode.

Other observations: 

We know we've put most of the spotlight on the Black Panther, but there's so much more to the movie than just the King.

One thing that fans should look out for at the other end of the superhero spectrum is the villain.

Best character ever in 'Black Panther'.
This movie will expose the dark past and secrets the former Black Panther has been holding that’ll cause great repercussions in the future when T’Challa becomes king.

Enter our latest bae Michael B. Jordan as Erik Killmonger.

We absolutely love his abs portrayal of a cold-hearted, merciless, intelligent villain haunted by his past and seeks revenge.

All hail the real king of Wakanda - Micheal B. Jordan!
Michael B. Jordan’s acting is also truly exceptional. For two hours, he made us a believe he was the evilest villain in Marvel to date, giving us the feeling that he will kill anyone in his path no matter if you are a mak cik or his girlfriend just to get what he wants.

The fella became so heartless after his father was killed and was abandoned by his own family members. 

Plus, his fighting skills is waaaay better than T’Challa thanks to his military background. If you take away Black Panther's suit and put T'Challa and Killmonger in a boxing ring, they'd probably start arranging T'Challa's funeral.

The traditional ritual to claim the throne.
Also, what stands out the most about 'Black Panther' compared to all the other Marvel movies is the cultural element in it.

The ability to highlight the African culture even though some might be fictional was truly mesmerising. It gave a ‘soul’ to the movie, something not many movies were able to do.

With the prevalent white-washing casting in Hollywood movies, it comes as a pleasant surprise that this movie has only three prominent white characters in this movie (including Stan Lee’s cameo).

T’Challa’s sister even took a jab by calling Martin Freeman’s character Everett K. Ross a coloniser.

When we said in the beginning of the article that this movie is in a league of its own, it truly is for those reasons. It is indeed a Marvel movie that you’ve never seen before – the plotline, the costumes, the language and the culture.

Marvel finally did something that Hollywood's too afraid of doing. Well done!
Although our favourite Marvel movie of all time is still 'Thor: Ragnarok', 'Black Panther' deserves all the recognition in the world for not only leaving a cultural impact but also showing how diverse superheroes can be.

So next up, can we have an Asian superhero lead, Marvel?

'Black Panther' premieres in Malaysian cinemas on 14 February 2018.

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