So, Here’s The Sitch: ‘Kim Possible’ Is Getting Its Own Disney Live-Action Movie

“Call me, beep me, if you wanna reach me.”

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So, Here’s The Sitch: ‘Kim Possible’ Is Getting Its Own Disney Live-Action Movie
Image: Disney
One of the greatest cartoon shows to have ever graced our childhood TV screens was without a doubt, about a high-school spy by the name of Kim Possible.

She may not be the most popular lass in school but hey, she has the coolest secret job in the world. And the nicest hair too.

Plus, she had Wade, who basically coordinates her missions and equips her with all the cool hi-tech gadgets. And what hero or heroine is complete without her sidekick or bestfriend – Ron Stoppable and his memorable naked mole rat, Rufus.

"Whenever you need me baby, call me, beep me, if you wanna reach me."
The show ran from 2002 to 2007 spanning over 87 episodes and even two original animated movie which of course, we watched religiously. Honestly, if you don’t even know the lyrics to the theme song, what have you been watching when you were young.

Well guys, it looks like we’re about to relive those awesome moments with Kim Possible once again soon. Get ready to call or beep somebody as Disney has announced that they’re currently working on a live-action movie for Kim Possible according to Variety.

The movie still has the same storyline, whereby a typical high school girl tries to save the world from evil villains with the help of his sidekick and computer genius friend.

Casting is already underway and we can’t wait to see who gets to play Kim Possible.

TBH, they even look like sisters.
No word yet on whether the same villains such as Shego and Dr. Drakken will be in the movie, but let’s just hope the characters will stay close to the original series.

Talking about originality, we hope that the TV show’s iconic theme song will be included in the movie’s soundtrack too. Honestly, that song really gets you all pumped up and ready for a mission!

In case you forgot what the song sounds like, here it is to jog your memory:

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