We Visited The Places Where 'Think Big Big' Was Filmed And We Didn't Want To Leave

These locations will make you want to go 'Cuti-cuti Malaysia'.

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We Visited The Places Where 'Think Big Big' Was Filmed And We Didn't Want To Leave
For the past couple of weeks, we have been hearing a lot of talk about director Chiu Keng Guan's latest film, Think Big Biga story about a plus-sized girl who dreams of becoming an astronaut.

Produced by Astro Shaw, Golden Screen Cinemas, Multimedia Entertainment and MM2 Entertainment, the movie speaks about the importance of being yourself no matter what people say, especially when we start drowning ourselves in the world of social media that can bring both good and bad vibes. 

To celebrate the release of Think Big Big, Astro Shaw invited us on a special day trip to visit some of the places where the movie was filmed and it was a real treat.

#1 Sunway Lagoon

The bright and sunny day started in Malaysia's most popular theme park, Sunway Lagoon.

The park first opened in 1992 and has since seen millions of visitors from all walks of life. The award-winning theme park has also hosted a number of concerts and events, including MTV World Stage, One Republic, Pitbull and more.

After bringing all the outdoor fun and entertainment for more than 25 years, Sunway Lagoon is no stranger to many Malaysians, which was why director Chiu decided to include this park as one of the main filming locations.

Many scenes were shot in Sunway Lagoon because this is the place where Moon and her friends work. In the movie, Moon plays a mascot talent whose job is to bring a smile to the visitor's faces. 

The production crew hired about 100 extras to be in the park scenes. When they were filming one of the scenes at Pirate's Revenge, the extras had to ride the ship over and over again because they needed multiple takes. How lucky!

The cast also shared that many visitors actually came up to them during the day of filming to ask questions about the theme park because they thought they were the staff at Sunway Lagoon! Well, we can't blame them since they were wearing the park's uniform the whole time. 

#2 Bukit Pelandok Jetty

The next stop was Bukit Pelandok in Negeri Sembilan, which happens to be director Chiu's hometown. He wanted to include this small town in the movie because it has been over 20 years since he moved to the city and this was his way of giving back to his people back home.

We were brought to a jetty that connects that the residents of Bukit Pelandok and New Village Sungai Pelek in Selangor. Travelling between both points takes about half an hour by car but less than five minutes by boat! That's how this jetty became the main point of transportation for the locals.

Residents who walk or ride bicycles and motorbikes can get onto the boat and cross Sungai Sepang to the other side within minutes. 

This place is also used as Moon's hometown in Think Big Big. Moon's father, whom she fondly calls 'leng zhai' (handsome), works as a boatman who ferries people to and fro during the day. 

This very boat is also where Moon and her mother, 'leng lui' (pretty), exercises whenever she is back at her hometown. 

Director Chiu along with cinematographer Yong Choon Lin and art director Soon Yong Chow really did an excellent job capturing the beauty of places you never thought could be Insta-worthy.

#3 Bai Ji Xuan Restaurant

We made a pitstop at Bai Ji Xuan Restaurant for lunch and we were unexpectedly greeted by leng zhaileng lui and Moon themselves! The first image we saw was a scene that was identical in the movie - the happy family with a mountain of food sitting in front of them.

This place was portrayed as Moon's home in the movie where she had quite a few comical and emotional interaction with her parents. Some of the most profound conversations took place right in this very restaurant, so make sure you look out for those when you catch the movie.

Located in Bukit Pelandok as well, Bai Ji Xuan restaurant located by the river side and surrounded by mangroves. We love the fact that it is a floating restaurant, this way, we were able to enjoy the scenery while having a nice, home cooked meal.

Besides serving the common local food, such as porridge, nasi lemak, fried chicken and ais kacang, this restaurant also sits under different sceneries during the day and night. Having our lunch here left us feeling very nostalgic, it was almost like we balik kampung a little earlier before celebrating Chinese New Year.

If you want to take full advantage of the river, there is also a water bike service available for you to pedal along, sit back and relax in nature. 

Address: Bukit Pelandok,100 Ekar, 71960 Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan.
Contact No.: 012-3608366, 012-2581700, 012-5076401
Opens: 12pm - 6pm (lunch) / 7pm - 10.30pm (dinner). Closed on Thursday.

#4 Chung Hua High School Seremban

Chung Hua High School Seremban, also known as Seremban High School was established in 15 July 1913 by the Hokkien Association. What started off as a primary school had slowly expanded into a secondary school in 1934, and after nearly 105 years, it is still standing strong!

Initially, we were taken aback when the bus dropped us at the school because we don't remember seeing any school scenes in the movie, other than Moon's childhood days that appear as flashes of memory. 

However, our mouths were left hanging open once we reached the top of the school. 

So remember when talked about how we wanted to visit the place where they filmed Moon's house in the movie? It turns out that the loft and lookout point was shot at the school's Astronomy Club!

Astronomy is one of Moon's wildest dreams in Think Big Big. Since she couldn't fulfill her childhood dream to become an astronaut, she turned her aspirations into a hobby instead by daydreaming and stargazing from her rooftop.

This spacious rooftop balcony was also where Moon and her friends hung out over hearty meals and heartwarming conversations.

This little day trip was indeed an eye-opening one. If there is one thing we can take from Think Big Big is the fact that there are many beautiful places that we have yet to explore in Malaysia and stories that are waiting to be heard. So let's not take the simple things in life for granted because you never know when you will lose it.

In other words, if you don't have the budget to go overseas, just go cuti-cuti Malaysia!

Think Big Big is out in cinemas nationwide on 15 February 2018.

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