There's A 'Jurassic Park' Augmented Reality Mobile Game Coming Out Really Soon

It's time to catch some dinosaurs.

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There's A 'Jurassic Park' Augmented Reality Mobile Game Coming Out Really Soon
Image: Universal Pictures

You can be a dinosaur hunter in real life (well, sort of)!

2018 is turning out to be a year of augmented reality (AR) mobile games.

Last year, mobile game developer Niantic revealed that they are working on a 'Harry Potter' AR game. Then just recently, news dropped that a 'Ghostbusters' game is in the works.

Now, word broke that an AR game based on the 'Jurassic Park' franchise will be released in a couple of months' time.

This is all of us in a couple of months' time.
'Jurassic World Alive', currently being developed by mobile game studio Ludia, is a location-based augmented reality mobile game that is similar to the insanely popular 'Pokemon Go'.

According to the developer, players get to discover dinosaurs such as the T-Rex on a map, run to its location, catch and then incubate them.

The players can also deploy an in-game drone to collect DNA samples to create their very own hybrid dino and pit them against those created by other 'Jurassic World Alive' players.

Also us.
Players would also be able to level up the dinosaurs they captured or created to make them stronger and, umm, take a selfie with your favourite pet dino.

Guess that's necessary because what's the point of creating a monster when you can't take a selfie with it, right?

Time to go out and walk again.
'Jurassic World Alive' is expected to be released on both iOS and Android just before the premiere of the new film 'Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom' on 7 June.

Check out the game's trailer below to psych yourself up:

Now, who else can't wait to go out and capture some pterodactyls?

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