'Archie' Is Getting A Bollywood Movie Adaptation. What?

Probably involves a whole lot of dancing.

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'Archie' Is Getting A Bollywood Movie Adaptation. What?

This is totally unexpected.

Just when you thought you've read enough entertainment news for today, here comes another shocker: popular comic series 'Archie' is being turned into a live action Bollywood movie.

Yeah, we have the same reaction as you did.

According to a report by entertainment site Variety, Archie Comics is working very closely with Indian entertainment company Graphic India to adapt the comic series into a live action movie.

No they're not, Veronica.
The news site reported that the film will reimagine the characters of 'Archie' - Archie, Veronica, Betty, Jughead, Reggie and Moose, in case you've forgotten - with an Indian cast.

The movie will introduce the characters to "an exciting new twist of a story that we have planned", Graphic India said in a statement.

If this goes through, it will reportedly be the first international comic to be translated for Indian cinemas.

Is Bollywood ready for Archie?
Not much details have been revealed yet about the movie, but Variety reported that it is already in the early stages of pre-production.

The cast and the release date of the movie are expected to be announced soon.

Well, we guess we will have to get used to the idea of Archie (or in this case, Archichandra?) and Bettyrani singing and dancing behind trees.

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