G-Dragon Fans, The Korean Military Wants You To Stop Sending Him Fan Mail

It's creating a huge problem for them.

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G-Dragon Fans, The Korean Military Wants You To Stop Sending Him Fan Mail
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Too much fan mail can be a problem. Just ask Bigbang's G-Dragon.

The Korean superstar, whose real name is Kwon Ji-yong, enlisted in the South Korean army on 27 Feb and it has created a huge headache for them.

The problem has become so bad, his agency YG Entertainment has begged fans to stop sending the 29-year-old star fan mail.

According to Korean entertainment site Soompi, after he enlisted in the army, the military unit has been bombarded with tonnes and tonnes of letters addressed to the star.

YG Entertainment said in a statement posted on their Facebook page that the sudden influx of letters and e-mails has created huge problems for the unit's e-mail inbox.

The fan mail has reportedly prevented his unit mates from receiving their own mails from the shared inbox.

Hashtag sad face.
Not only that, the agency explained that the supply of ink and paper allotted to the office's printing machine is running dry because each and every letter sent to the military has to be printed out and handed to the soldier. 

Office work has reportedly slowed down as well.

YG Entertainment said that GD has become "increasingly apologetic towards his fellow soldiers", so they have urged fans to "refrain a little from sending their letters".

GD will be discharged from the military in November 2019, so maybe you can bombard him with fan mail then?

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