Idris Elba A.K.A Heimdall Was Spotted In Kuala Lumpur

Maybe he’s here to become the new protector of KL?

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Idris Elba A.K.A Heimdall Was Spotted In Kuala Lumpur
Images: C. Flanigan/Getty Images via Time Magazine and Disney/Marvel
Most of you by now would know who Idris Elba is. He’s recently known for his role as Heimdall in the 'Thor' movies, and he has also starred in several blockbuster movies such as 'Finding Dory', 'Star Trek Beyond', 'The Jungle Book', 'Zootopia', and 'Pacific Rim'.

On Monday, pictures of Idris Elba being in Malaysia made its rounds on social media. So, just like any other busy body and curious cat (because we die die want to know), we decided to dig for more evidence.

And it turns out, the 45-year-old British actor was really in our country – Kuala Lumpur, to be exact.

Elba made an appearance at St. Regis Kuala Lumpur for the launch of a new magazine, Unreserved.

The man of the hour!
The debut issue however did not feature the 'Thor: Ragnarok' star on the cover; local actor and upcoming Hollywood star Henry Golding was given the honour instead.

The event was attended by socialites and also a handful of local celebrities and influencers. Some even got a chance to get a selfie with the man himself.

Idris Elba with his fiancee and also Henry Golding.
When Idris Elba photobombs your photo and looks good.
The host looks super excited, TBH who wouldn't?!
Even rapper Joe Flizzow attended the event and got a selfie with Idris Elba.
We’re not sure how long Elba will be in Malaysia, but hey, if you happen to bump into him, maybe you can coax him into giving you some secret spoilers about 'Avengers: Infinity War'?

Hope you had a pleasant trip to KL, Idris Elba!

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