Here's How You Can Watch All 64 Matches Of The 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Live In HD

This time, you can even virtually travel to the stadium during live matches!

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Here's How You Can Watch All 64 Matches Of The 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Live In HD
The greatest sporting event in the world is taking place in a couple of months and everyone is already catching the football fever.

It doesn't matter whether you're a football fan or not, when it's World Cup season, you wouldn't want to miss out on the talk of the town.

And let's face it, the adrenaline you get while watching sports live is undeniable, especially when you know that the whole world is watching it together with you.

So for the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ happening from 14 June to 15 July, you can watch all 64 nail-biting matches live in HD! 

The official broadcaster of the upcoming World cup, Astro is giving all Malaysians a chance to catch all the matches with the new World Cup Channel Pass on all screens!

Of course, the World Cup Channel Pass is available to exisiting Astro Sports Pack, SuperPack and SuperPack Plus customers who will also stand a chane to win an all-expense paid trip to Russia. How lucky!

All 64 live matches will be broadcast on the dedicated FIFA World Cup channels in HD (CH823, CH824) and SD (CH821, CH822).

As for non-Sports Pack customers of Astro and NJOI Prepaid, you can purchase the pass for RM100 here.

The best part about this is that the special pass is also available to non-Astro customers at RM120, so you don't have to worry about subscribing at the eleventh hour! You can purchase the passes and watch it on the Astro GO app.

But if you're not looking forward to paying for some live football, Astro Arena will be showing 22 live matches for free! Anyone in Malaysia can watch them on Astro GO, Astro and NJOI.

Now here comes to the most special part about the World Cup experience this time.

For the first time ever, Astro and NJOI Prepare customers will be able to enjoy exclusive World Cup cotent on the Stadium Astro app and VR app.

Yes, VR!

Not only will you be able to view the matches live with multi-angle cameras, you can also virtually travel to the actual stadium for a 180° view of the matches, LIVE!

The Stadium Astro app will feature a second screen experience as well, with real-time match stats and results, highlights and behind-the-scenes footage.

Sample of the mobile view.
Sample of match stats.
Who needs to go to Russia when you can do it during your mobile devices?

So give yourself the complete 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ experience with the World Cup Channel Pass now!

Astro GO and Stadium Astro are now available for download for both iOS and Android. For more information about Astro's World Cup offerings, visit the official website here.

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