The Show Will Go On: Bruno Mars Concert Is A Go...For Now!

But is it legal?

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The Show Will Go On: Bruno Mars Concert Is A Go...For Now!
Image: Radio Amigo

Like the old saying goes: The show must go on.

Earlier this week, it was announced that the General Elections 14 (GE14) polling day will fall on Wednesday, 9 May.

The date's all good and all (despite it being a weekday), but concert-goers have a big concern: it falls on the same day as Bruno Mars' concert in Malaysia.

The 24K Magic World Tour is scheduled to take place that same evening at the Axiata Arena in Bukit Jalil.

All 12,000 tickets put on sale in August last year were snapped up in less than an hour, so yeah, the stakes are pretty high for Bruno Mars' fans.

Bruno Mars' fans right about now.
So naturally, people freaked out. Will it be canceled? Will we still get to boogie with Mr. Mars? Will we ever get the chance to drop our Versace on the floor? 

After a day of speculation, the organiser of the event, PR Worldwide, has released a statement on their official Facebook page saying that the show will go on as scheduled:

However, while you may breathe a sigh of relief for now, do note that PR Worldwide said that 'the show is currently scheduled as planned', which means that there still is a chance that it might be postponed or - gasp! - cancelled.

What does the law book say?

Well, if push comes to shove and the authorities get dragged into this, then it's going to be bad news for us concert-goers.

As stated in Section 26 of the Election Offences Act 1954, no party is permitted to hold or organise any form of meeting, rally and display on polling day.

And yes, that includes concerts:

Those who are found guilty of doing so will face a jail term of less than a year or a RM5,000 fine, or both.

Let's just hope that things won't come to this.

There is still hope

This won't be the first time such incident has happened in Malaysia, though.

Back in 2013, Italian opera singer-songwriter Andrea Bocelli was scheduled to perform at the Putra Indoor Stadium on polling day. 

Polling day entertainment.Thankfully, the organiser, JS Concert Productions, decided not to cancel the show and it went on without a hitch, much to the delight of 5,000 fans.

So, breathe easy and pray hard, Bruno Mars fans! Let's hope no one will break our hearts this time around.

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