Mariah Carey To Perform In Malaysia This Year?

There are clues everywhere.

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Mariah Carey To Perform In Malaysia This Year?
Image: Billboard

Soon you'll be able to touch Mariah Carey's body (umm, please don't).

If you're a fan of Her Royal Divaness, the one and the only Mariah Carey, this piece of news might pique your interest.

On Wednesday, social media was abuzz with rumours about the 48-year-old's impending arrival on our shores later this year.

Local concert organiser PR Worldwide stoked the flames further by posting a cryptic image on their Instagram account:

Coming soon

A post shared by PR Worldwide (@pr_worldwide) on

In case you have no idea what 'E=MC²' stands for, it's actually the title of Mariah Carey's 2008 album.

(Not to be mistaken with Albert Einsten's mass–energy equivalence theory, because that's not important, right?)

That's a pretty clear indication that Mariah will be gracing us with her presence, right?

Then, later in the day, an image resembling a concert poster for Mariah's gig in Malaysia started circulating on the interwebs.

According to the details listed on the poster, Mariah's concert will be taking place on 16 October at the Plenary Hall in the KL Convention Center.

Tickets to the gig start from RM398, with the most expensive being RM888.

Pre-sale tickets will reportedly go on sale 25 April, which is less than a week away, with general sales on 27 April.

Now, we can't tell for sure if that's the official poster for the concert because PR Worldwide has yet to release an official statement. We've dropped them a note to check if the poster is legit, but we found out later that it would be easier to get a response from a dead fish.

For now, let's take this with a grain of salt until PR Worldwide releases an official statement, 'kay guys?

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