5 Things The Avengers Taught Us About Teamwork

Because teamwork makes the dream work.

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5 Things The Avengers Taught Us About Teamwork
In the last couple of days, all everybody has been talking about on social media, in school, at the office and at the mamak is Marvel’s latest film, 'Avengers: Infinity War'.
The movie is said to be the biggest one out of the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

It has already shattered records in the United States with the biggest domestic opening weekend of all-time and the largest global opening of all-time.

This comes as no surprise since it features almost all the superheroes that the studio has ever put out and 18 movies’ worth of storytelling leading up to this very one, and everyone couldn’t help but rush to the cinemas to get a piece of what the hype is all about.
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'Infinity War' saw a gathering of characters that is unrivalled, all standing together to fight one common enemy – Thanos – as he journeys through the universe on an insane mission to obtain all of the Infinity Stones and eliminate half the universe's population.
Now superhero films often explore different themes, but the one thing that continues to stand out from the 'Avengers' franchise is teamwork.

So here's what Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and the gang taught us about teamwork and how we can learn a thing or two from them, even though our jobs aren’t exactly to save the universe.

#1 Accept Each Other

We want a Groot in our office. 
If you’ve seen any, if not all, of the past movies in the MCU, you’ll know that the Marvel superheroes come in all shapes and sizes. The Avengers are nothing short of that. From the first assemble to the latest installment, humans, superhumans, gods and aliens learn to embrace each other’s differences and align their sight towards one goal.
With the dozens of characters that come together in 'Infinity War', many of them meet each other for the first time, like Thor and the Guardians, Iron Man and Doctor Strange, Black Widow and the Dora Milaje. Amidst all the confusion, anxiety and rage, the superheroes managed to work hand-in-hand with strangers in the battle against Thanos. Isn’t it funny that they all speak the same language?
The Avengers taught us to accept one another in a team regardless of our different ethnicities, background and personalities, whether in school, at work or in sports. It doesn’t matter whether our team consists of two or 20 people, when we have the same vision and mission, we need to set aside our differences and work together.

#2 Put Down Our Pride

We know who has the biggest head in the team. 
In 'Avengers: Age of Ultron', we saw the start of the conflict among the Avengers. Their unity experienced a crack when Tony Stark and Dr. Bruce Banner created a villain by accident and Captain America wasn’t thrilled. Further down the line, the Avengers fell apart in 'Captain America: Civil War' when the team was divided into two separate groups due to differences in opinion.
However, the Avengers were forced to look past their disagreement to fight a war bigger than themselves when the enemy appeared. Time and time again, whenever there was a clash of ego between Stark and Captain Steve Rogers, something more important would happen that would require their full commitment and complete attention.
As the saying goes, united we stand, divided they fall. The Avengers showed us that it is normal to have conflict between each other. We don't always see eye-to-eye because we’re only human and arguments will happen. But the important thing is to know when to let go of our pride, be the bigger person and apologise, move on and focus on a far greater purpose.

#3 Trust One Another

The grown-up superheroes trusted this teenager to fight their battles with them. 
The Avengers always have each other’s backs. Despite being super-skilled individuals, they can’t do everything alone. They don’t always have all eyes on everything that is happening on the battlefield all the time, so the only thing they can rely on is each other. And most importantly, they always place their trust on Captain America as the leader the pack.
Trust is also equivalent to honesty. The superheroes couldn't hide anything from each other, especially information that could be damaging. As mentioned before, one clear example is when Stark and Dr. Banner secretly created a robot that turned into a villain who wanted to destroy the world, a.k.a. Ultron.
The Avengers taught us how important it is to trust our teammates and be honest with one another. We can’t win a pitch for an important client if we don’t trust our fellow colleague to do well at the presentation or win a badminton game if we don’t trust our partner out in the court.

Never hide anything that could jeopardise the end goal, except maybe keep your deepest, darkest secrets to yourself.

#4 Understand Each Other

After all these years, Dr. Bruce Banner is still struggling to understand the Hulk. 
The Avengers are made up of a group of individuals with different skills and knowledge. They are able to understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses and share everything they know that could help them fight the villains. This allows them to keep an eye out for one another so that the enemy won’t use their teammates’ weaknesses against them.
Throughout the Avengers films, the characters had to make sure that they knew everything there was to know about each other as well as the enemy before they went to battle. In 'Infinity War', they had to combine their knowledge and abilities to fight Thanos, the father of all villains. As seen in the trailer, Gamora shares what she knows about the giant purple Titan and his one goal that ties the whole story together.
The Avengers taught us that one man’s meat is another man’s poison. Our strengths and weaknesses may differ, but as long as we understand each other, we can take advantage of this and collaborate as a team. And the only way that can help us get to know each other better is in our final and probably most crucial point.

#5 Communicate with One Another

Communication is key. 
Besides the occasional bickering and sarcastic remarks, the Avengers were constantly discussing ideas and planning strategies. They had to put their heads together and think how to defeat the evil. 'Infinity War' describes how complicated the situation is for the superheroes because they had to understand Thanos, the six Infinity Stones and plan how to stop him from wiping out the universe.
Even when they are out in combat, they stay in constant communication to know when the situation is clear, when somebody gets hurt or when the enemy gets away. Every single one of the 20-something characters has a role to play in this war, but it can’t be done without listening and speaking to one another.
The Avengers demonstrated the importance of effective communication within a group setting, that’s why we have meetings, discussions and hundreds of group chats. Good two-way communication gives us a boost in morale, productivity and commitment, regardless of the type of organisation that we’re in.

At the end of the day, nothing can be achieved if done alone. So, don't be shy to communicate!

How did the Avengers' teamwork fare this time?
So the next time your mother asks you why you're so obsessed with the Avengers, tell her that they are your life gurus.

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