'Games Of Thrones' Author Says Winter Is Not Coming... Yet

But something else is.

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'Games Of Thrones' Author Says Winter Is Not Coming... Yet
Image: HBO
'Game of Thrones' fans who have been eagerly waiting for the next book, we're sorry to say that it's not coming, or more specifically, winter is not coming.

The author and creator of the epic saga George R.R. Martin revealed in a blog post that the long-awaited novel titled 'The Winds of Winter' will not be ready for publication this year, as projected previously.

He told fans to "keep waiting" for the sixth volume of the series but he didn't mention when does he plan to finish it, as quoted by Reuters.

But not all hope is lost because Martin said that he will be publishing an illustrated history of the Targaryen family in Westeros called 'Fire and Blood' instead. 

This book will be a collection of short historical stories.
The first of two volumes, this book will cover all the Targaryen kings from Aegon I to Aegon III, and their wives, siblings, wars and travels.

And of course, there will be dragons, lots of them.

Don't try to piss her off.
The hard cover version of 'Fire and Blood' will be released on 20 November this year.

Man, the people behind 'Game of Thrones' books and series sure know how to keep their fans on their toes, don't they?
Well, at least we know that the highly-anticipated (yet highly-dreaded) final season of the saga will be out next year.

Since the series has already gone way beyond the events higlighted in the existing books, fans who don't follow the books won't have much to worry about.

So guys, we've still got plenty of waiting to do! Maybe it's a good time to catch up on the past seven seasons.

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