This Local Band Has Been Invited To Perform At Seven Different Festivals In Europe Next Month

One of the festivals attracted 120,000 people last year!

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This Local Band Has Been Invited To Perform At Seven Different Festivals In Europe Next Month
Image: The Venopian Solitude
Local band The Venopian Solitude has been invited to perform at several festivals across Europe in June.

The seven-member band will be performing at Alice CPH in Copenhagen, Sónar Barcelona in Barcelona, Houtfestival in Haarlem, Solstice Festival in Amsterdam, House of Vans London in London, Sommarscen Malmö in Malmö, and Fusion Festival in Berlin.

Some of these festivals have attracted thousands of people each year and the most notable one is Sónar Barcelona, which registered 120,000 people last year.

The band will be performing alongside top acts like Thom Yorke, Diplo, Gorrilaz, and more in Barcelona. 

What an amazing feat for local music!

Here are the dates of the festivals The Venopian Solitude will be performing at this June:

9th - Alice CPH (showcase) Copenhagen, Denmark 
14th - Sónar Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain 
17th - Houtfestival, Haarlem, the Netherlands 
21st - Solstice Festival, Amsterdam, the Netherlands 
23rd - House of Vans London, London, United Kingdom 
26th - Sommarscen Malmö, Malmö, Sweden 
28th - Fusion Festival, Berlin, Germany 

This European tour will establish the band's collaboration with their booking agent in Europe, Jerome Williams from Earthbeat NL.

"Under his wing, The Venopian Solitude will have a three to five year plan which involves tours and shows around Europe, and regions around the world," said band leader Takahara Suiko (btw, not her real name).

The Venopian Solitude are also looking out for potential collaborators who would interested to support the band as well as expand their business through this upcoming tour.

The band is currently busy preparing with a few sets of performances for the tour.

"We have sets of  45 minutes to 90 minutes for different festivals and shows. Each show showcases our specialty of fusing traditional Malay music with modern electronic sounds. We hope to represent Malaysia in a new light with a fresh image of modern + traditional," said Suiko.

About the Band

The Venopian Solitude is a band based in Klang Valley. Founded by Takahara Suiko in 2009, the band has produced a large collection of music over the years. 

Despite the anonymity, their unique style and lyrics have gained a lot of attention from people in Malaysia and also other parts of the world. 

The band released an eight-track album titled 'Hikayat Perawan Majnun' (Tales of a Lunatic Damsel) in 2014, which was nominated for Best Engineered Album, Best Arrangement in Song and Best Music Video in Anugerah Industri Muzik (AIM) 2014.

You should really check out the band's songs and lyrics.
Besides that, two members (Kemat and Suiko) from the band collaborated with Altimet in a song titled 'Janji', which won the Best Hip-Hop Song award at AIM 2016.

The Venopian Solitude has since performed in many places locally and internationally, including Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Singapore, Holland, and Canada.

Follow more of The Venopian Solitude's developments on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

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