Is 'Deadpool 2' Really Bigger And Better Than Ever Before?

We have three words to describe the sequel.

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Is 'Deadpool 2' Really Bigger And Better Than Ever Before?
Image: 20th Century Fox
When the world first met Ryan Reynold’s version of Deadpool in 2016, it was a surprising twist from the comic book superhero universe that we’re all used to.
If you don’t know by now, Deadpool is not your typical heroic character. He is more of a super violent antihero with a few abilities and a very foul mouth.
Remember when you were told not to bring your kids, younger siblings, cousins or nieces and nephews to see Deadpool the first time around? It’s the same case this time. There is a reason why it became the first R-rated superhero film.
Deadpool 2 is, without a doubt, a superhero movie for adults.
In this sequel, the wisecracking Deadpool is forced to think about friendship, family and what it really means to be a hero when he meets Cable, a cybernetic mutant from the future who is here on a murderous mission.

The merc with a mouth then teams up with other mutants and forms the X-Force to fight the time-travelling Cable.
Now, they’re saying that Deadpool 2 is bigger and better than ever before. Is it really?
After watching the movie, we can only sum it up in three words.
Warning: Mild spoilers ahead, so don’t start sending us hate comments after reading.

#1 Bold

The director, writers and Reynolds himself (who also wrote parts of the script) pushed the boundaries further in Deadpool 2. They weren’t kidding when they gave it an ‘R’ rating.

Despite advertising itself as an adult comedy, Deadpool 2 is still very much a superhero action movie. We're talking fights that will make you wince in imaginary pain, ultra weapons that make the most exhilarating sounds and mega explosions that will make you jump in your seat.

Since Deadpool is known for his ability to heal and recover from any wound or injury almost instantly, you can expect him to take quite a number of hits in this sequel. If you can’t handle blood and gore, you might want to look out for parts to look away. Otherwise, we don’t think you’ll be able to keep that box of popcorn in.
It was also extremely daring of them to poke fun at Marvel superheroes (how can they not since the whole world is still recovering from depression after Avengers: Infinity War), insult the DC universe and even throw shade at Reynolds’ own film career.
So it is fair to say that Deadpool 2 is bolder than before.

#2 Romantic

You must be wondering, how can a super violent and vulgar superhero film be romantic?
Clearly, we don’t mean it in a typical love story way like The Notebook, Romeo and Juliet or your favourite Korean dramas.
The bond between Wade Wilson and his forever love Vanessa is one that some of us can only dream of. The fact that she came back to his arms despite all the mutation and disfiguration that happened to him in the first film alone spells true love.
But another point that we’re trying to make is that Deadpool calls this sequel “family-friendly”, not in a bring-your-kids-along kind of way, of course. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Instead, in the middle of all the swearing, stabbing, blood-squirting and grown-up jokes, there are moments when Deadpool 2 speaks about family, friendship, love and life. Besides the unconditional love between Deadpool and Vanessa, we also admire the almost mother-and-son-like moments between him and Blind Al in the movie.
You’ll be surprised how much wisdom the foul-mouthed former Green Lantern gains by the end of the film. And if you pay close attention, you just might pick up a lesson or two as well.

#3 Entertaining

This word doesn’t even begin to describe Deadpool 2. This sequel is filled with references to comic book superheroes and pop culture in general that will make you choke in your seats.

Our personal favourite is when Deadpool takes a jab at Thanos (because Josh Brolin, who plays Thanos, also plays Cable in this movie, in case you haven’t caught up). We all saw it coming because it is in the trailer, but you will probably forget about it halfway through the movie.
So when it hits you, it will knock your socks off.
You’ll find yourself laughing more than gasping throughout the movie, unlike Infinity War. We thoroughly enjoyed Deadpool’s effort to piece together his team of X-Force, which Domino found to be “a little derivative” for obvious reasons.

Speaking of Domino, Zazie Beetz did an excellent job portraying the new mutant character whose ability is plainly being lucky. You’ll see what we mean.
There are also quite a few unexpected moments in the movie, namely Brad Pitt and Bill Skarsgard’s cameo. You’ll miss them if you blink, so watch out!

Another unforgettable scene that made the entire cinema burst out laughing was one in Blind Al's home. We won't say too much, but just remember this keyword: small.
All in all, Deadpool 2 is bigger, bolder and certainly funnier than ever.
However, we just have one piece of advice: Don’t compare Deadpool 2 with Avengers: Infinity War. We know you can’t help it, but just don’t.

Deadpool 2 hits theatres nationwide this 17 May.

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