Concert Hacks for Music Lovers

So that you won't suffer while having fun.

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Concert Hacks for Music Lovers
Don't let anything stop you from having a good time. (Image:

Concerts are super fun especially when your favourite band or singer is performing songs you love. But it can also be a little tedious if you're the type to over-think about how you're going to have a good time, especially if you don't like crowds. 

Bring a portable charger for your phone

If you're arriving at the venue early to queue up, you'll definitely need something to entertain you while you wait. And sure, cameras may not be allowed, but that's not going to stop you from taking pictures/Snapchat videos of the performances, right? Your phone battery is going to die out faster than you think when you use its camera, so bring a charger to prevent your concert experience from being ruined. 

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes

OK, you might be in love with [Insert Random Singer Here], and you feel like you're finally going to meet the love of your life even though you'll be hundreds of metres away from them -- but let's be real, they're not going to see you among thousands of faces (it's okay to dream though, we feel you). Put on something that you feel comfortable in and won't wear you down in the humidity of the stadium. And if you're going to be standing for nearly three hours, then you'd better be wearing good shoes. 

Look out for freebies!

Some fan clubs actually have projects during concerts! Sometimes they will give out cute mini lightsticks (so you won't have to shell out money to buy them), cute stickers of your favourite singers and even small banners to wave around during the concert.

For the love of God, don't hold up your huge tablets and block everyone's view

This is quite possibly the most annoying thing a fellow concertgoer can do. You're basically blocking everyone's view! 

Keep yourself hydrated, and eat!

Before the concert, make sure you've eaten and drank sufficiently. Some venues allow food in so bring a chocolate bar or something to keep you energized. Some security guards let you sneak in small water bottles (not the ones being sold at the store), and if you're stealthy enough, you can probably put it somewhere deep enough in your bag that they won't notice. 

Line up with friends, or make friends while you do

Because they will keep you entertained, you will find kindred spirits with those who are obsessed with the same things you are, and if you need a toilet break, they will save your spot.

Find a parking spot that won't get your car blocked

Parking will be inevitably haphazard during the concert. Find a parking spot that won't block your car so that when you leave the show, you won't get stuck in a mini traffic jam.

Muslim concertgoers, check if there's a surau nearby

This is usually not a problem if the concert is held in KL. You can find a surau at public areas such as a petrol station and even shopping malls. But if it's held at a stadium, you should Google if these venues have that facility. It also won't hurt to ask organizers themselves (they are usually accommodating and would let you know). 

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