6 Reasons Why ‘The Incredibles 2’ Is Worth Your 14-Year Childhood Wait

Adults, this is the movie we’ve been waiting for!

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6 Reasons Why ‘The Incredibles 2’ Is Worth Your 14-Year Childhood Wait
Image: Disney/Pixar
Before 'The Avengers' catapulted to fame and became one of the most ground-breaking superhero movies in cinematic history, came a group of animated superheroes that we looked up to as kids.

They were… 'The Incredibles'! They were The Avengers of our generation. Sort of.

The movie was about a superhero family where each member has a distinguished power – Elastigirl (elasticity), Mr. Incredible (superhuman strength), Violet (Invisibility and force fields), and Dash (super speed). And what made them loveable characters is that they’re your average family which you can relate to.

After the movie premiered in 2004, as a child, we anticipated a sequel since the movie was a huge success.

So, we waited. For 14, long, painstaking years.

A lot has happened since and finally, fans were gifted with the long-awaited sequel. (Seriously, what took you guys so long, Disney/Pixar?)

The family is back after a 14-year wait!
On Wednesday, Disney was kind enough to invite us to an exclusive early screening of 'The Incredibles 2' and help put an end to something that was missing from our childhood.

So, was it worth the 14-year wait? Let’s just say we were blown away! Here are six reasons why you should catch 'The Incredibles 2' as soon as you can.

#1 Elastigirl Is in Charge Now

Super Mom/Elastigirl is here to save the day!You can see how Bob is struggling to cope as Mr. Mom.
In this sequel, you can see that the tables have turned for the whole family following the ban on superheroes. But it all changed when someone wants to help make superheroes legal again by recruiting The Incredibles and Frozone.

Interestingly, Elastigirl was selected to spearhead this new campaign and Mr. Incredible now has to play the Mr. Mom role and help look after the kids at home. He takes care of Jack Jack, help Dash with his math homework, and fix Violet’s boyfriend problems.

Let’s just say it’s time for Momma to shine, and boy, did she shine indeed! Strapped with a new suit and super canggih gizmos and gadgets, Elastigirl is ready to fight injustice and reclaim the hearts of superhero haters.

It's very refreshing to see a female-superhero lead replacing the male-dominated superhero world.

#2 Jack Jack – Small Baby, Big Powers

Can't imagine how powerful Jack Jack will be when he grows up.
Bob is having a headache and sleepless nights handling Jack Jack and his new powers.
This is no spoiler as almost everyone knows and is looking forward to seeing what type of superpowers the fifth member of The Incredibles family have. Based on the trailer, we can all see that Jack Jack eventually develops not one, not two, not three, but more than five super powers!

This cutie pie can shoot laser beams out of his eyes, turn into a ball of fire, produce electricity and change into a little monster just to name a few.

We won't spoil it for you, but we think that Jack Jack is probably the most powerful (and most adorable) member of The Incredibles now. 

#3 Edna Mode Is Back, Dahlings

Wait till you see how she complaints about Elastigirl's new suit.
Edna Mode is completely smitten with Jack Jack in 'Incredibles 2'!
Yes, the loveable pint-sized superhero suit designer will make an appearance once again because, let’s be honest, she’s the most memorable character in the first movie!

Edna is the same as ever; she still sports the same hairstyle and sass after all these years. Edna has been assigned to a very special task – figure out Jack Jack’s powers and of course, design a suit for him.

This time, you’ll get to a see a new, softer side of Edna, which is something you won’t expect from her. Sadly, she doesn’t get as much screen time as she deserves, because hello – Edna Mode is the bomb!

#4 The Graphics Were So Good, Our Eyes Thanked It

Guess what other adventures are this family up to next?
Seriously guys, zoom in the picture to see his shirt weave!!!
When 'The Incredibles 2'’s movie poster first came out, a lot of fans were excited at the sight of it. Some even commented that Disney/Pixar took 14 years to make it because they were busy making the movie as detailed as possible to the point that you could actually strands of fiber from Mr. Incredibles’ shirt.

Well, we couldn’t help but to agree after watching the movie. The graphics and animation were a stark difference than the first movie, and you could really see how much effort went into all the detailing – the costumes, the facial features, back drop, and many more.

It was so good that we even watched the end credits because it had cool graphics.

#5 The Villain Has His Own Plot Twist

Meet Screenslaver, the new villain in The Incredibles 2.
Hypnosis in progress.
The villain in this sequel is quite a step-up from the common villains you normally see in other superhero movies. He doesn’t have an army of minions, high-tech weapons or even go directly head-to-head with the superheroes.

His only 'superpower' is use TV screens to 'hypnotise' people into doing things for him. 

Either he’s a genius or a coward for doing that, but one thing’s for sure; the villain has his own plot twists that’ll blow your mind!

#6 Superheroes, Assemble!

Meet Elastigirl's new friends.
The concept art for the new superheroes.
Since they are planning to make superheroes legal again, they’ve gathered up superheroes from all over the world to get their support and attend some sort of conference.

So, move over 'The Avengers'; The Incredibles is about to get some back up from a bunch of superheroes with supercool powers! Oh, and keep an eye out for Voyd, who has powers similiar to Doctor Strange. She's our favourite superhero.

Are you excited now? We had so much fun watching the movie!

Although it took 14 long years to make the sequel, the storyline is very compelling for all ages. It's entertaining, action-packed and laden with lots of humour. 

Final score: ★★★★☆

'The Incredibles 2' premieres in cinemas nationwide on 14 July 2018.

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