5 Reasons Why ‘SKYSCRAPER’ Will Be This Year’s Biggest Action Movie


Because The Rock is in it, enough said.

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5 Reasons Why ‘SKYSCRAPER’ Will Be This Year’s Biggest Action Movie
In this day and age where action blockbusters are released at least once every month, we have been exposed to countless adrenaline-pumping action scenes that keep our hearts racing for at least two hours straight.
But an action film wouldn’t be complete without a city being destroyed or someone jumping off a tall building, right?
Well, 'SKYSCRAPER' has just a little bit of everything an action movie needs.
Is he flying?
Starring Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, the upcoming movie features former FBI agent Will Sawyer who now works as the head of security in the world’s tallest building, The Pearl, where he also happens to live with his family.
One day, what is supposed to be the safest building in the world comes under attack by terrorists. To make matters worse, he is framed for the attack while his family is trapped inside.
Now a wanted man, Sawyer is forced to hunt down those who are responsible to clear his name and rescue his family.
If this storyline isn’t enough to convince you to watch 'SKYSCRAPER', here are some other reasons why you should go and catch the movie in the cinema as soon as it is out.

#1 The Rock is in it

One punch will throw us a mile away. 
First of all, it’s Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, only the biggest action movie star at the moment. 'SKYSCRAPER' will make his third film in just half a year, so you know that this man really doesn’t stop!
Is it us or does he always play roles involving some kind of ex-military, ex-police or ex-FBI story? Well, how else can you explain a physique like his in other non-physical roles, right? By the way, he wakes up at 4am to work out six days a week.
Once again, we can expect him to throw a few punches and save the day in 'SKYSCRAPER'. He is almost like a modern-day Hercules after all.
But this time, he does it with only one leg. He suffered a severe leg injury during a rescue mission and is now surviving with a prosthetic leg.
According to the man himself, this was the most physically and emotionally demanding role of his entire career!

#2 Mind-blowing action scenes

Do you spot The Rock?What is an action film without some death-defying stunts?
If you thought that seeing a sports car jump from one tall building to another is absurd, you haven’t seen it all, my child.
There is one particular scene in the trailer that will raise a few eyebrows – when Sawyer jumps off a crane towards the skyscraper on fire.
Of course, he successfully lands on the building, hanging for his life.
That was our exact expression.
Mind you, he is functioning on one human leg and an artificial one. Is that even humanly possible?

#3 It will make you hold your breath – in a good way

That is just stunning architecture. 
The tall building featured in this movie doesn’t actually exist, but if it does, The Pearl will officially become the tallest skyscraper in the world.
Set in Hong Kong, The Pearl stands tall at 3,500 feet with 240 floors. The real tallest building in the world currently is Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, which measures merely 2,716.5 feet in height.
So, just imagine some of the picturesque skylines that you’ll be seeing in 'SKYSCRAPER', albeit computer-generated. We are pretty sure those of you who are not very fond of heights will go weak in the knees the entire time you’re in the cinema.
Will this inspire architects and property developers out there to build a tower just like The Pearl? We’ll just have to wait and see.

#4 It has a lot of heart and courage

You gotta be a little scared to have courage. 
Courage is something we all need a bit more in life – courage to speak out, courage to protect the weak, courage to do what we love, courage to defend what is right; you get the idea.
But sometimes, it is easier said than done.
For Will Sawyer, his family’s lives are on the line. So it doesn’t matter whether he has only one leg, two legs or four legs, he will do anything to keep them safe. You know, like jumping from a really tall structure to another.
As Will Sawyer says in 'SKYSCRAPER', “in order to be brave, you gotta be a little scared.”

#5 Surprise! Jay Chou’s wife is also in it

Even Dwayne Johnson couldn't help but gush over the beautiful actress. 
Besides starring Dwayne Johnson, 'SKYSCRAPER' is also Hannah Quinlivan’s first Hollywood film!
The Australian-Taiwanese actress is known for her beautiful pan-Asian features - as well as being the wife of Mandopop superstar Jay Chou.
Even Johnson himself couldn’t help but gush over her good looks.
“Don’t judge this sweet lookin’ book by its cover – lethality comes in all sizes,” the actor wrote on his Instagram post with a photo of the two.
You might want to watch the trailer again to see if you can spot her because you’ll miss it if you blink. We can’t wait to see Mrs. Chou’s first Hollywood role!

So, are you guys pumped yet?
If you, like us, are dying to catch Dwayne Johnson and his Superman-like biceps (you know he’s going to flex them!), 'SKYSCRAPER' opens in theatres nationwide 12 July.
Plenty of time for you to grab your guy friends and head out for an adrenaline-filled night out. Just try not to jump off a skyscraper, OK? ‘Cos you’re not Dwayne Johnson.

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