This Week's List Of Malaysian Music You Need To Check Out

It's a great week for local releases!

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This Week's List Of Malaysian Music You Need To Check Out
Another week, another list of awesome homegrown music you should check out. This time around, we were left impressed by MKNK's collabaration with lilasianthiccie, Asyraf Nasir and Airliftz, Froya's new (yet familiarly titled) single, Malaysian DJ duo BATE's debut single and grooved to Crinkle Cut's 'Justify' which recently made its debut on 

Froya – ‘Black Macaroon’

Froya’s music may have gone through some changes – initially sounding a little more Indie Pop than what it is now, but we still dig her slightly more experimental, groove-driven synth electronica new tunes. In fact, we like it more. If you’re not familiar with Froya, we’ll have you know that she has already performed at music festivals like Laneway, Good Vibes, Urbanscapes and opened for international artistes like Gabriel Lynch and Wye Oak among others. After listening to her latest single, ‘Black Macaroon’, we suggest you check out her previous single, ‘Dark Chocolate’ (we’re seeing a pattern here) which is one of our personal favourites. Oh, also kudos to her for putting some thought into her music videos because God knows that’s what we all need here in the Malaysian music scene. 

MKNK – ‘Nasty' (feat. lilasianthiccie, asyrfnsir & Airliftz)


Don’t you just love it when great minds come together and produce something that just blows you away? We do, and that’s just what happened with MKNK’s new single, ‘Nasty’ featuring lilasianthiccie, Asyraf Nasir and Kajang rapper Airliftz. Besides music, the talented MKNK has also worked on some big commercials, jingles, documentaries and short films. So why yes, you should give this pumping track a listen and start paying more attention to whatever he’s behind. This track should give you a taste of what to expect in MKNK's upcoming mixtape which will feature several different artistes and rappers, all of whom will be pushed to step out of their comfort zones to create what is ultimately something fresh-sounding. You know what this means... none of that "Whoop!", "Skkkrrrrttt", auto-tuned echoes and all that other overly generic rap madness that seems to be plaguing the local music scene. 

Crinkle Cut – ‘Justify’


While this all-girl band’s name stems from a case of mistaken identity (they were having a meal at a fast-food joint and confused their criss-cross fries for crinkle cuts), there’s no mistaking their undeniable passion and musical talent. Their newest single ‘Justify’ is retro-sounding. It’s groovy. It’s a pleasant mix-up of several musical styles and it’s really no surprise the track made it to the MET10 charts. Way to go, ladies!

BATE – ‘One I Love’ (feat. Blake Rose & Radio 3000)


Wai Hong and Ethan (better known as BATE) have been leaving their mark in the Malaysian nightlife scene since 2011 and have even played alongside the likes of R3hab, Hardwell, Calvin Harris, Martin Garrix and Cosmic Gate. They’re now back to shake the scene once again with their latest single, ‘One I Love’ featuring Radio3000 and Blake Rose.

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