Gal Gadot Visited A Children's Hospital Dressed As Wonder Woman

The smile on their faces says it all.

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Gal Gadot Visited A Children's Hospital Dressed As Wonder Woman
What would you do if you saw a superhero in person?

Maybe something like this...

Our knees will probably turn into mush.
Over the weekend, Gal Gadot visited a children's hospital dressed as the biggest role she has played so far, Wonder Woman.

As you can imagine, the kids loved her for it. And so did the hospital staff at the Inova Children's Hospital in Virginia.

Can you come and visit us at our office too, Gal?
Before we proceed, we need to warn you that you might need to hold your breath to prevent you from squealing at these incoming photos.

Women crush every day.

Find someone who looks at you like how Gal looks at this baby.
The star brought the children gifts like colouring books, toys and autographed pictures to encourage and motivate the little heroes.

We can't even.
Gal Gadot's visit came in the middle of filming for the sequel of Wonder Woman titled Wonder Woman 1984 in Washington, D.C.

Director Petty Jenkins is also back to helm the director's chair for the movie.

Although Chris Pine's character Steve Trevor was thought to be dead at the end of Wonder Woman, looks like he will reprise his role as the handsome spy.
We'll just have to wait till November next year to find out what happens next.

In the meantime, Gal Gadot, can you spare some time to come and visit us in Malaysia too?

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