Spend Merdeka Eve Laughing Your Head Off With Gurmit Singh And Gang

It's one stand-up show you wouldn't want to miss.

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Spend Merdeka Eve Laughing Your Head Off With Gurmit Singh And Gang

Count down to Merdeka - by laughing a lot!

Want to spend Merdeka eve celebrating your patriotism and love for your country with fellow Malaysians but you don't want to squeeze with the crowd?

Why not do it by laughing your butt off at a stand-up comedy show instead?

One of Malaysia's premier stand-up comedy show Laugh Die You will be returning for a very special Merdeka Day show this year.

The special show will be taking place on 30 August at the HGH Convention Center in Kuala Lumpur.

This year's Merdeka special will be a one-night only event featuring a line-up of some of the region's top comedians and talents.

Ladies and gents, let us present the funny people who will be entertaining you throughout the night:


Seriously, he doesn't need an introduction, right? The Singaporean funny man will be the main pull of this special show. However, he won't be donning the yellow boots of Phua Chu Kang (bummer!) but instead, he will be here as Hero Singh, everyone's favourite lovable pak guard. You can count on him to make fun of everything under the sun, especially Singaporean food.


What's a special Merdeka show without a Malaysian stand-up comedian, right? Representing our lovely little country is Gajen Nadaesan, the country's first Chindian comedian. He may not be as popular as the other comedians, but trust us; he's really good as he's performed more than 400 stand-up shows nationwide. Oh, a little birdie told us that he'll have a brand new segment during the show that will poke fun at every Malaysian's favourite subject: Singaporean food 1MDB! BRB, grab popcorn first.


Who knew playing with dolls can make you so popular. Singaporean ventriloquist Joseh Then will be bringing his puppet 'friend' to Malaysian shores to entertain you guys. Known as 'The Funniest Ventriloquist In Town' (because Singapore is very small), Joseph and his very Singaporean-looking friend will have the whole night to convince you to quit your day job and play with dolls. We're not really sure what they will be making fun of, but we hope it's Singaporean food.


Speaking of playing with dolls, we're confident that the final man in the line-up will bring back some good memories. Popularly known as Malaysia's very own Mr Bean, Faiket Luari will be at the show to entertain you with his playful Mr Bean antics and of course, his brown teddy bear. Again, we really have no idea what he would be doing during the show, so you really need to go see it for yourself.  

Can't wait for the show? The good news is, tickets are already on sale now! Tickets to the show are priced from RM100 onwards, and you can get them by clicking here.

As Rojak Daily is the official media partner for Laugh Die You (ahem!), we have ticket giveaways and exclusive content coming up. Stick with us for more updates.

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