Here Are Some Fresh Homegrown Music To Listen To

It's time to localize that playlist.

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Here Are Some Fresh Homegrown Music To Listen To
In this week's compilation of fresh, new local English music to check out, we've got something for everyone! Itching for a hip hop track that takes a refreshing step away from the norm? Ashtin's got you covered. Looking for something soothing that'll take you further away from everyday stresses? Allow us to introduce you to Julia Duclos. If you're up for an upbeat, fun track then Alvin Chong's 'We Got This' is what you need. Then there's Midnight Fusic who have already made waves and established a healthy fanbase despite being considered one of the new boys in the scene. Let's get to it. 

Ashtin – 'Rappity Dappity'

If you’re in the mood to start randomly busting a move wherever you are right now, this is the track for you. Ashtin, if you aren’t already familiar, has brought a refreshing change in the local hip hop scene with his undeniable knack for putting together lyrical masterpieces. His debut album aptly titled ‘Chindian’ is a story in itself - one that shares the rapper’s personal experiences growing up, becoming a rapper, dealing with society and finding that sense of belonging. Culture plays a big part of the album too and complementing the lyrics with tastefully incorporated Chinese and Indian traditional instruments are the duo behind Music Kitchen, Prem D and Sid. The album also features other notable Malaysian rappers like Balan Kashmir and Altimet and hey, having a song titled ‘Rojak’ is always a plus in our books. Check this album out and regret nothing, folks.

Julia Duclos – 'Further'

You can tell that 23-year old Julia Duclos is serious about her music. Not only is she a self-taught guitarist, but she even took vocal lessons and that soon transitioned into songwriting. Despite having her initial doubts, all it took was meeting Paramore’s Hayley Williams during the band’s tour stop in KL to make Julia realize that music will continue to be an undeniable part of her life. Now, here she is stepping out with her first single ‘Further’ -  a song about two people in love, who begin to grow apart due to distance all told through Julia’s captivatingly beautiful, gentle vocals. Now that we’ve gotten a taste, it’d be cruel to just leave us hungry for more so keep ‘em coming, Julia.

Alvin Chong & Isabela Vinzon - 'We Got This' 

One of the many, many talents Alvin Chong possesses is singing and in his ongoing quest to flaunt his versatility, he recently collaborated with The Voice Teens Philippines’ first runner-up, Isabela Vinzon for the track ‘We Got This’. Which is his first English single by the way. This, after working on other things like acting, hosting and even releasing a new song in Malay. The track is an upbeat, groovy anthem about two people meeting up and just wanting to have fun and try new things which to a certain extent, seems to be symbolic of Alvin’s career as well. Just what will Alvin attempt next? We have no idea but we’re certain just like this, it’ll be a pleasant surprise that everyone can look forward to.

Midnight Fusic - 'When Love Was Around'

While they may have only surfaced with their debut single ‘Heart of May’ last year (which made it to the top of Hitz.FM’s Met 10 charts), Midnight Fusic have already quickly established a fan base both in and outside of Kuala Lumpur! Now, they’ve released their first EP ‘When Love Was Around’ with six tracks that promise to keep existing fans deeply satisfied while giving new fans a taste of what local alternative rock has to offer.

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