After Haunting Malaysians, ‘Dukun’ Is Now Creeping Up In Indonesian Cinemas

Are our Indonesian friends ready?

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After Haunting Malaysians, ‘Dukun’ Is Now Creeping Up In Indonesian Cinemas
Images: Astro Shaw
Dukun is arguably one of Malaysia’s cinematic masterpieces, after being ‘preserved’ for over a decade due to censorship issues and finally gaining greenlight in April, the movie still remained relevant and successfully made RM11 million!

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Umie Aida’s spine-chilling portrayal of Diana Dahlan certainly left a lasting impression (and perhaps nightmares) especially her jail cell scene. The movie received rave reviews from critics and fans and it even premiered at the New York Asian Film Festival (NYAFF) 2018 in July.

Umie Aida deserves an award for her portrayal of 'Diana Dahlan'.
Well, after its success on our shores and our neigbouring countries such as Singapore and Brunei, Dukun is headed to another neighbouring country – Indonesia.

The movie directed by Dain Said will screen in 33 cinemas and among them are in Jakarta, Palembang, Bandung, Medan, and Bali.

Dukun’s producer Najwa Abu Bakar told Kosmo that “Besides hoping for a positive response from the Indonesians, we are in the midst of getting confirmation from a few more countries which will be premiering the film at a few international film festivals which Dukun will be contesting in.”

The mysterious lady clad in red kebaya.
Indonesia is well known for its super-horrifying horror movies, so it’ll be nice for a change to treat them to one of Malaysia’s horror/thriller flicks.

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