Astro Launches Malaysia's First Live 4K UHD Broadcast

You can see every strand of hair on Cristiano Ronaldo's legs.

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Astro Launches Malaysia's First Live 4K UHD Broadcast
If you thought watching live football in full HD was epic, wait till you see it in 4K UHD

The 4K UHD comes with four times the resolution and more than eight million pixels! This high pixel density is so detailed and sharp, you will be able to spot every strand of hair on your favourite football players' legs.

No more squinting at those thighs.
This is yet another great sports viewing experience Astro is offering with its newly-launched live 4K UHD broadcast, the first of its kind in Malaysia.

The company gave a sneak preview of how 4K UHD looks like with a live showcase of 2018/19 Premier League (PL) matches, Liverpool vs West Ham and Arsenal vs Man City, yesterday evening. 

This broadcast was just a snippet of Astro's plan to unveil its 4K UHD service later this year. It will be gradually rolled out in dedicated channels that come with a brand new software and programme guide.

Yeap, you'll soon be able to enjoy your usual Astro channels in ultra clarity!

It's so sharp you can cry.
Besides amazing definition, 4K UHD also gives a smoother view at 50 frame rate per second, as well as vibrant colour with a more natural colour transition. 

"At Astro, we are committed to provide a better viewing experience for sports fans in Malaysia. As such, we will embrace the latest technology, 4K UHD to enhance our customers’ viewing experience," Astro Chief of Sports Lee Choong Khay said.

Besides the Premier League, Astro will also bring Formula One racing events, blockbuster movies and general entertainment in 4K UHD.

However, these broadcast events will only be available at participating F&B outlets and retailers for now. You can visit the full list of places to catch the amazing screens here.

And fret not, that list is expected to grow over the next few weeks. So be sure to keep checking back!

Also, if there is any outlet or retailer interested to partcipate in the Astro 4K UHD broadcast, you can register your interest at the same website.

So this is your chance to immerse yourself in the best football experience. It is literally pure entertainment for your eyes because you will be able to enjoy every minute and every second as if you're actually there on the field.

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