'The Flash' Star Grant Gustin Made This Malaysian Brand Famous

The watch has officially run out of stock.

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'The Flash' Star Grant Gustin Made This Malaysian Brand Famous
Celebrity endorsements are legit, even when they're not paid to do it.

Several days ago, The Flash actor Grant Gustin attended the Teen Choice Awards 2018 in Los Angeles.

At the red carpet, he was seen sporting a pair of casual floral shirt and jeans. But what caught many people's attention was the watch on his wrist.

You might not be able to recognise the brand when you look at it.
One of his followers asked him about the watch with brown leather strap and here's what he replied.

It's a local brand!
Of course, many fans, especially Malaysians, flocked straight to Nayan Co's Instagram after this revelation.

The Sabah-born brand's co-founders Fahad Nasir and Fadzyinie Dullie couldn't be more thrilled with this unexpected publicity.

In case you missed it, Gustin was in Sabah last December to celebrate his engagement to Andrea Thoma, who happens to be half-Kadazan.

Fahad was fortunate enough to be the official photographer at the ceremony held in Thoma's family home in Kampung Kolopis, Penampang.

After the engagement ceremony, he had gifted two watches to Gustin as a congratulatory token, one in brown and the other in white.

Grant must really love this watch.
The star was spotted in several public appearances with the brown watch in hand. Since then, the piece has been selling like hotcakes.

In fact, Nayan Co just shared that this particular watch is now out of stock!

Due to unexpected overwhelming demand, Nayan Brown is currently ran out of stock!!!

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In an interview with the New Straits Times, Fahad started the company in November last year with the objective to give customers classic and minimalistic watches that are affordable.

"The name Nayan is actually the combination of the names of my four-year-old daughter Nayla and two-year-old son Ayaan," he shared.

Their range of watches comes in one design and four different colours. 

Nayan Co's watches are built and assembled in China.
Nayan Co only started selling the watches in January this year, but their sales are already picking up very well with orders from West Malaysia and Singapore.

Isn't it good to see a homegrown brand featured in Hollywood? To all our local brands, you know what to do now!

If you'd like to check out more from Nayan Co, do visit their Instagram feed.

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