This Week's Compilation Of Fresh Local Music To Listen To

Looking for new local tunes? Look no further.

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This Week's Compilation Of Fresh Local Music To Listen To
In this week’s compilation of new Malaysian music to listen to, we see the return of many favourites like Talitha Tan, SOAP, lost spaces and local rap supergroup, Lawalah Familia. Also making its way to this week’s roundup is a bonus in the form of Aman RA’s debut album!  

Lawalah Familia – ‘Lawalah Vets Cypher’


In 2015, during one of my many Local Music Discovery Sessions held in an undisclosed location (it was actually just the balcony of my condo) with some friends, Rap was the theme of the night and a friend introduced me to Lawalah Familia. Needless to say, this group of rappers that at that point I wasn’t familiar with, blew me away. Who are they? And why have I not heard about them before? These guys literally came, saw and conquered and now, much to everyone’s delight (especially mine), are back once again! Lawalah Vets, is their brand new five song EP with Boston based rap duo N.B.S. aka Natural Born Spitters. It’s as if the yin and yang of Hip Hop have come together, perfectly complementing one another to create what is essentially a wholesome, Hip Hop masterpiece. Definitely one for the playlist, boys and girls.

lost spaces - 'boxset.girlfriend'

What at first listen may sound like a seemingly perky, feel-good Summer jam has in fact a little more of a bite to it. ‘boxset.girlfriend’ revolves around the interesting yet not uncommon behavior of falling for someone because of how the whole idea may seem, rather than falling for the person itself. It’s a great track from where they left off with ‘’ last month but Sam, we’d still like to know what exactly it is you “forgot” (at the end of the song).

Talitha Tan – 'Slip Through Your Veins'

Talitha’s back (thankfully!) with her first release of the year – ‘Slip Through Your Veins’, a song about lost love and how in the end, you know if there’s always one person you can count on, it’s yourself. You know what else you can count on? Talitha releasing more great music this year. We hear that there are two more new singles on the way and we honestly can’t wait to see what this talented 21-year old comes up with. You can read more about Talitha HERE in our exclusive interview.

Son Of A Policeman (SOAP) – 'Euphoria'

An upbeat, feel good song that’s gonna require a certain amount of constraint by you listeners to hold back from just getting up and moving to the groove. For those who may find the song familiar, that’s because the track was initially released in 2016 following SOAP’s success in the Tiger Jams event that year. Now they’ve re-released the original version along with a remixed one by Electronic duo, ENOPE prior to the September release of their upcoming new single, ‘Colours of the Skin’.


Aman Ra - 'Bangun' 


It’s a dang shame that Aman RA is only now releasing his debut album. For the unaware, Aman RA can only be described as a no-bullshit local rapper who keeps it real. One of our favourite tracks of the Rebel album has to be ‘Bangun’ – a wake-up call of sorts that tells anyone, anywhere that no matter your humble beginnings and struggles, having a goal and persevering will get you to where you want to be. The music video was well crafted as well and that’s always a huge plus to us. We recommend you check out his entire album – there’s even a great track featuring Altimet and Noh Salleh called ‘Berada’.

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