Our Favourite New Songs To Listen To This Week

It's another great week for Malaysian music.

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Our Favourite New Songs To Listen To This Week
We’re back for another week of amazing local tunes and this time around we see the return of Dose Two, fully embrace the underrated Billie Blue & The Nowhere Men’s debut album, get a taste of real Rock and Roll thanks to Blister and reminisce the (g)olden days of Hip Hop thanks to Pele L. Get those headphones ready, folks.

Dose Two – ‘Space’

Dose Two have been infrequently dropping tracks and then cruelly disappearing and leaving us craving for more in the process. The rap duo is made up of Sayla and QBe, two insanely talented blokes who unfortunately for fans, have other commitments going on. For instance, Sayla’s actually based in Salzburg at the moment while QBe’s been busy with work. So, we’re pretty lucky that ‘Space’ was released now – and the timing’s perfect what with the feelings of patriotism and joy for a new Malaysia that’s in the air. The song is a “discourse about the limited time and space we are given in life, and the things and people we choose to occupy it with” and is presented just perfectly – the rhymes, the look and feel of the music video as a whole… it just works and this is exactly why we’re constantly left craving for more from these those two.

Billie Blue & The Nowhere Men – ‘Emperor’

We’re now slowly seeing more and more local bands who were initially only active in the live band scene at pubs and bars releasing original singles, EPs and albums – and that’s just brilliant! Billie Blue & The Nowhere Men is just another one of those fine additions. Billie Blue (yes, that’s the lead vocalist’s actual name) has always reminded us of the likes of Janis Joplin and Stevie Nicks, which is a comparison that hardly gets thrown around. The band draws influence from groups of the late 60s and early 70s and their first single ‘Emperor’ off the Find Gold album is a great introductory track to what the band has to offer. This is what’s missing from your life (and playlist), so by all means put those headphones on and give this a listen.

Pele L. - ‘Rap Cinderella Story’

Pele L. is more proof that Malaysia’s Hip Hop scene is thriving. Having only been made aware of who he is and what he has to offer through 16 Baris (highly ignorant of us, we know), we were delighted to see Pele L.’s name pop up on our feed once again. ‘Rap Cinderella Story’ addresses exactly what we wondered about – “why does he rap?” and “why now?”, all packaged in a smooth, sleek, old school-ish sounding track that’s really worth checking out.

Blister – ‘Swipe Right’

Music shouldn’t have strict rules. Music shouldn’t be confined. Music should be an expression of the people behind it. Music shouldn’t be about “fitting in” or just about the money. Now that you’re a little familiar with what music should be like in an ideal world, meet Blister. These boys from the Portuguese Settlement of Malacca live and breathe music and don’t do it for anyone else but themselves. They’ve been in the scene for a while now and have even opened for Slash (twice!) and have recently released on of their singles, ‘Swipe Right’ on Spotify. Why now? Because they feel like it. What’s ‘Swipe Right’ about, you ask? If the title alone doesn’t give it away, have a listen and you’ll get it. They’re as real and Rock and Roll as it gets and we’re glad to know that we can expect more stuff from them later this year.

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