Get Ready To Suit Up, 'Kingsman 3' Is Coming To Cinemas In 2019

Eggsy is back to save the day.

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Get Ready To Suit Up, 'Kingsman 3' Is Coming To Cinemas In 2019
Image: 20th Century Fox
After watching the first and second installment of Kingsman, we’re pretty much convinced that it’s the best spy movie series we have ever watched.

With its fashionable swag and insane action scenes, it strays away from your typical spy movies that have dominated our movie screens for decades. Plus, we love seeing some British banter and men in good suits.

Well, if you’re wondering if there will ever be another Kingsman, the answer is yes!

According to Entertainment Weekly, Vince Vaughn will return to direct his third movie in the Kingsman universe while Taron Eggerton will reprise his role as Eggsy.

Some also predicted that Colin Firth will also return to set.

Hello, handsome.
On top of that, Fox has announced that 8 November 2019 will be the official release date for Kingsman 3.

Not much info is known about the plot, except that the director has confirmed that the third installment will act as “the conclusion of the Harry Hart-Eggsy relationship.”

The fight scenes in Kingsman are always top notch!
Does this mean both of these super suave dapper men in suits will part ways and no longer work with each other? Noooooo. We hope not.

As for new characters, rumours are flying around that they are considering casting Ralph Fiennes or The Rock. Both very different men in built and personality, but we somehow feel that Fiennes will fit in better in the Kingsman universe.

Guess we’ll have to wait for the next announcement.

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