This Malaysian Singer-Songwriter Won 'Artist Of The Year' In The U.S.

She was also the only Malaysian artist among 13,000 from around the world!

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This Malaysian Singer-Songwriter Won 'Artist Of The Year' In The U.S.
Image: Through the Eyes of Sam Photography / Malay Mail
Have you heard of a Malaysian singer-songwriter named Lyia Meta?

If you haven't, you should start listening to her music now because she won the 'World Artist of the Year' award at the 2018 Josie Music Awards in the United States!

The Josie Music Awards is one of the largest award shows in the world that honours independent artists from all over the world.

She was the only Malaysian artist there!
Not only did Lyia bag the biggest award of the night, she was also the only Malaysian artist among nearly 13,000 hopefuls!

"Being the only Malaysian there, I felt ecstatic. I cannot deny I was very apprehensive in the beginning and was a bundle of nerves," she told Malay Mail.

"For me to win an award was surreal because I know the calibre of musicianship there and it felt so affirming on a personal level."

The 47-year-old artist's songs are often about women and the ruptures life throws at them.

Earlier this year, she released a single and self-produced music video titled 'Without Walls', which was inspired by a time when she was going through a tough season that no word could describe.

The song paints a beautiful picture with Lyia's powerful, husky vocals and heartfelt lyrics.

The singer and her husband, Zack Meta, are no strangers to those who frequent pubs throughout Klang Valley because they have been performing across the city for years.

Lyia and her husband, Zack performing.
She also has another EP released in 2015 titled 'This is Lyia', which actually gained plenty of recognition internationally.

"As an indie musician, it can be hard to get your voice heard. Major radio stations are not going to simply pick you up so you have to find an avenue that works for you,” she told The Star in an interview earlier this year.

Lyia is currently working on a single written by the UK’s multi award-winning songwriter Paul Michael Curtis, which will be featured in a compilation album under U.S. record label Bongo Boy Records.

She is also joining hands with The International Singer Songwriters Association in a song that features voices from different parts of the world.

Both singles will be released in October, so stay tuned!

Meanwhile, if you've quickly turned into a fan of Lyia, you can follow her on Facebook and YouTube for her latest updates.

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