Five Fresh Local Tunes You Need To Listen To This Week

We take a look at another five tracks that should be in your local music playlist! This week, Talitha Tan, Cuurley, and more!

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Five Fresh Local Tunes You Need To Listen To This Week
Salutations, local music fans, and welcome back to our weekly pick of five local tracks you should be spinning on the regular.

This week we’ve got a bit of an electronic flavor with Currley, Alif & SonaOne, and Rozella making the list, while funk rockers Son Of A Policeman represent the indie scene.

Sit back and enjoy the vibes!

Cuurley - "Never Get To You (ft. Dakhari Reign & Airliftz)"

The artist formerly known as Bo Amir Iqram has come a long way from his bedroom sanctuary, and now resides firmly in clubs and bars as the sound that gets the dancefloor moving. Cuurley’s impressive discography aside, his latest release features poet and singer Dakhari Reign, as well as Jin Hackman protege Airliftz, who released his debut album BAGEL last year to critical acclaim, and the result is nothing short of EDM magic. Dakhari rides the beat with pitch perfect vocalisations while Airlitz provides the compulsory rap break to mix things up. Cue this one up on the pre-game playlist.

Alif & SonaOne - "Obvious" 

At this point, we're pretty sure we Malaysians have proved we can do hip-hop and R&B pretty good, and this fire new collab between Alif and SonaOne provide a great tune for both house parties and clubs, with a chill beat slowly drawing you into a head bob to full out grooving to the slick chorus. The music video reflects this laidback vibe, and Kartel Records have another winner on their hands with the song already up to 500,000 plays on YouTube.

Son of A Policeman - "Colours Of The Skin"

Son Of A Policeman (or SOAP) have come a long way since first catching the nation’s attention at the Tiger Jams competition back in 2016, and have gone from strength to strength since. This funky track caps things off with not only a Chinese rap verse, but a reworked version of that classic Malaysian tune, ‘Rasa Sayang’, as the chorus, and while that may make some skeptical, trust us - this weird fusion of funk and classic nusantara works oh-so-good. Currently sitting in the much deserved number seven spot on’s MET10 chart, we’re betting that’s not the ceiling for these boys.

Rozella - "XOXO"

Another alumni of the Tiger Jams competition, Rozella’s not just another artist, she’s the winner of that competition, and as the winner, had her song "Home To You" remixed by Scottish synth pop group CHVRCHES. The Sabahan electropop sensation has since been featured on every major local radio station, as well as making it to TV. XOXO continues her habit of releasing perfect tunes for lazy rainy afternoons, with her sweet whispery sigh lulling you to sleep. Turn it on and let Rozella carry you away.

Talitha Tan - Please Stay

Our #ThrowbackTrack this week celebrates an artist who just released her debut EP Boys over the weekend, Talitha Tan! Since her early days as a soulful acoustic songstress, this artist-influencer has wowed crowds all over Malaysia with her demure voice and a bat of her smoky eyelids. If you haven’t picked up a copy of the EP yet, do keep an eye on her upcoming shows as this busy artist makes sure there’s plenty of opportunity to catch her charming a live crowd.

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