Here Are Some New Local Tunes Worth Checking Out!

Some home-made audio treats for you.

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Here Are Some New Local Tunes Worth Checking Out!
They say time flies when you’re having fun. We can assure you that it still does, even when you’re not… Hello December! A month of good food, finishing up whatever days of leave you have left, spending quality time with friends, family… and what’s all that without some good tunes, eh? Here are some fresh new tracks from some very talented Malaysian musicians that you may just wanna add to your playlist – regardless of the occasion.

Jumero - "Growing Cold"

Well, here’s a song that’s only a little too relatable for a majority of us – and one that’s just perfect for the end of the year when more often than not, new goals, pledges and self-improvement aspirations take place. This fresh track from the boys of Jumero is all about the natural tendency to hide or resort to an easy means of escape from the challenges life throws your way. In other words, ‘growing cold’ but dammit, it’s all a part of life so pick yourself up, overcome it and don’t let it stop you from being that passionate and unique person you are. The “pick me up” vibe of the track coupled with its meaningful lyrics is clear indication that December is off to a great start.

MassMusic – "Adam’s Family"

Remember when we first wrote about MassMusic? No? Well, we did and we had a feeling that there’d be more great things to come for Ilyas, Ming, Alan and Paw and true enough, here they are back with a new track called "Adam’s Family". Judging from the blood and overall feel of the video and the fact that it was released on 31st October, the song’s title does make sense. The music, just like its corresponding video only goes to prove that Malaysian music is getting bolder and more interesting. If you’re down for something different, this is it.

Evelyn Feroza ft Q Sound – "Close Your Eyes"

Okay, look. Take this how you will, but here’s a track that should make it to your ‘Sexy Time Playlist’ should you have one (and gents, you should have one). Having already made a name for herself in the live entertainment scene as an energetic queen of Jazz and Pop whose covers are more than impressive, we’re glad that her first single perfectly depicts her abilities as a songstress. And who better to collaborate with than Q Sound, you know, just to properly seal the deal. Yeah, this is really shaping up to be a great week for new local music.

Cuurley ft Kayda & Airliftz - "Beg 4 Me"

Well, here’s a fun sounding track that’s actually about… the age old tale of a guy taking his girl for granted. If your first introduction to Kayda was through 16 Baris, expect to hear a different side of her in this track and the fact that it’s produced by the super talented Cuurley adds more reason as to why this song is on this week’s list. Rather cruel teasing us with this and having us wait till February for the album release but hey, at least “Beg 4 Me” is one of those sweet tracks you actually wouldn’t mind playing on repeat.

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