Calling All Malaysian Rappers: Jay Park Wants You And Thinks You May Win The Next ‘Asia’s Got Talent’

This is your shot at making your talent discovered!

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Calling All Malaysian Rappers: Jay Park Wants You And Thinks You May Win The Next ‘Asia’s Got Talent’
If you’re a big fan of hit reality TV show ‘Asia’s Got Talent’, we’re confident that you know very well who the current judges are – David Foster, Anggun, and Jay Park.

The show became one of the most successful shows in Asia showcasing unique talents across the region and catapulted some of them to worldwide stardom (read: The Sacred Riana).

Fans who are looking forward to seeing the trio gracing our screens once again will be glad to know that ‘Asia’s Got Talent’ will soon return in February.

Yeay the trio is back!
We recently had the opportunity to sit down with the three judges for an exclusive interview to find out the 'secret' to landing a golden buzzer and what are their expectations in act.

What Do the Judges Want in An Act?

Remember The Sacred Riana? Well who could ever forget her?
Being a judge may not be an easy feat, so what do the judges look forward to in a performance after having to watch countless of auditions and performances?

For Anggun, she personally wants to be “blown away, wants to be touched by a performance.”

“It doesn’t matter what type of act you are, it can be a singer, magician, dancer, as long as you’ve touched me.”

As for our Korean heartthrob – Jay Park, he says he’s all about getting entertained and to also be inspired by acts who come from different ages and backgrounds on the show.

“For them [the acts] to persevere through all their hardships and to work on something that they’re so passionate about and pour their soul on stage, I think it’s really inspiring and keeps me going and do what I do.”

Do you think you can make this kind of impression to the judges?
16-time Grammy Award winner David Foster on the other hand is looking for a star.

“I’m not easily moved by stories where people say they’ve been working since they’re six years old playing the guitar, singing, or whatever because that’s exactly what you’re supposed to do.”

“You’re supposed to work since you’re six years old every day, every night, every morning, every moment you’re not in school. You’re supposed to be working at your craft, that’s the only way you’ll become successful.”

How Do You Earn the Coveted Golden Buzzer?

Four golden buzzers will be up for grabs this season.
It’s impossible to say no one has ever dreamed of getting the golden buzzer on the show. It’s the ticket that guarantees you a spot to the semi-finals, so you can skip the whole anxiety-inducing elimination process.

Sometimes, it can be hard to predict what type of acts that’ll land the golden buzzer. So, we asked the judges, what qualities in an act do they look for that can help fast track their journey in the competition.

“For me, to be honest, we have yet to see a good rapper or hip-hop based act – singing or music wise, not dancing. I really want to see a good rapper [on the show],” Jay Park said.

"There are a lot of rappers and hip-hop artists in Asia like in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam. So, I don’t know why we have yet to see not even one.”

Apparently both rappers go way back together.
Speaking of local talents, Malaysian king of hip-hop, Joe Flizzow will also be featured on Jay Park's new album this year. 

So to our local rappers and hip-hop artists, if you think you have what it takes, why not audition for the next season; who knows you might just win.

 As for Anggun, she realizes that a lot of Asians are shy and tend to holdback a lot.

“I think this show helps people to be more out there, to be more open, and to be a part of the world. Anyone can make it really if you really want it and put your heart and soul into it.”

Is Jay Park Leaving the Show Next Season?

The cheeky grin that melts the hearts of millions of girls.
When asked if they’ll return for the next season, Jay Park answered without hesitation “Is there going to be a next season? I think we’ll have to see.”

Surprised by Jay’s answer, Anggun replied “What?!" and David continued by asking whether he was done with the show.

Jay appeared to be caught off-guard laughed it off and kept answering “we’ll have to see, we’ll have to see.”

“Jay Park will not be back,” Foster joked.

Let’s hope our Korean bae returns next season or else who will be able to judge all the potentially great hip-hop acts and rappers at the audition?

‘Asia’s Got Talent’ returns for its third season on 7 February (Thursday), 8.30pm only on AXN.

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