Start Your Week With Some Fresh New Tracks!

It's time for some great local English tracks for your listening pleasure.

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Start Your Week With Some Fresh New Tracks!
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It’s a brand new year and we’ve got four great new(ish) homegrown English tracks for your listening pleasure. For those of you who are new to this music segment, it all started off because it just seemed so unusually hard to find a source for new local English music releases.’s MET10 was the only consistent saving grace and besides them, we solely relied on scouring the web and putting together what we could find. Ever since this segment kicked off last year, we’ve been exposed to so many new and talented Malaysian musicians and the sincere goal is for you to appreciate, enjoy and support these artistes. Some of these guys may not have as much promotional firepower in their arsenal but believe us when we say that you’d be pleasantly surprised as to just how terrific their releases are. So, if you’ve had enough reading and want to get on with the listening, check out our list of solid new releases below.

Zamaera – ‘Truth’

When we first listened to ‘HELLY KELLY’ by Zamaera, our natural reaction was “Dayummm!” Who was this bad-ass chick spitting mad rhymes? She stuck on our radar, had us sharing the song like crazy and we knew that it wouldn’t take Nostradamus for Malaysians to come to the realization that she was a force to be reckoned with. Then she comes out with ‘Truth’ and we were once again left pleasantly surprised. Whether it’s rapping with murderous lyrics or flaunting her vocals in a meaningful R&B track, she nails it time and time again so you know damn well how much we’re looking forward to her EP which is expected to be released soon – and you should too.

Reyza – ‘Snakecharmer’

Redza Ramzan or Reyza (formerly of HardKnights) is no stranger to the EDM scene and since 2012, has been making a name for himself with his distinctive sound style spanning multiple genres such as Bass House, Future House, Festival Trap and more. We’ll be honest, EDM isn’t really familiar territory for this writer but we know and appreciate good music when we hear it. This time around, the talented DJ has released an Electronic single which when coupled with Ashley’s captivating vocals, makes for a truly catchy track that doesn’t at all sound forced. The two are actually high-school friends and Ashley, who has been singing she was 9, had only released unofficial originals on Soundcloud and Instagram before this. She claims she's still trying to find what her sound truly is, but whatever it is, we're just glad she has decided to come out and share her journey with all of us through her music. Remember the name. 

Infiltrate – ‘Puma Kill’

They say music connects people. Well then, I’m gonna go ahead and say that breakups connect music. Think about it, there are songs about breakups from quite literally every genre and Alternative Metal band, Infiltrate’s latest single has taken inspiration from heartache as well. 'Puma Kill' is the band’s first new material release since the album Polysemy back in 2014 and features the signature progressive melodies of their previous releases. In other words, give it a listen. And here’s a fun fact: the male 'faceless' lead seen in the music video is a reoccurring theme used by the band, a character also featured on the front of Polysemy.  

Beverly Matujal – ‘If I Fall In love’

One of the many things that’s wonderful about music is how it acts as a platform for people to really step out of their comfort zones and worries and just… shine. This especially can be said about Beverly Matujal, a folk-pop singer-songwriter from Sabah whose passion for music began at a very young age. Taking inspiration from what her dad (also a great singer) used to listen to – the likes of The Carpenters, Michael Learns to Rock and more, songs with deep lyrical meaning based on daily observations of love and life are an integral part of her music. ‘If I Fall In Love’ is one such beautiful song that should give you a taste of her upcoming (and first) full length album slated for a release sometime this year.

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