Ready, Set, Fight – Stephen Chow’s ‘Kung Fu Hustle 2’ Is Coming Real Soon

One of the best Kung Fu movies the world has ever seen.

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Ready, Set, Fight – Stephen Chow’s ‘Kung Fu Hustle 2’ Is Coming Real Soon
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Landlady or Sing?

2004 marked a great year for Stepehen Chow and the world. Why? His legendary blockbuster hit ‘Kung Fu Hustle’ made its debut in cinemas.

The critically-acclaimed movie received great success worldwide and even became Hong Kong’s highest-grossing movie in history until 2011.

The world had a taste of Stephen Chow’s imagination, humour, and cool kung fu moves. But what the world can’t and won’t forget was the iconic character of the Landlady of Pig Sty Alley played by Yuen Qiu.

All hail the Landlady.
Dressed in a night gown with hair rollers 24/7 while busting out kung fu moves effortlessly? What a badass.

And fans must be wondering what happened to the sequel that was announced donkey years ago?

Well, we’ve got great news, as the director and actor himself has officially confirmed that a sequel is in the works! 

During an interview to promote his new movie ‘The New King of Comedy’, after confirming the sequel, Chow was asked if he is willing to do a cameo role in the sequel since he has unofficially retired from acting 11 years ago. 

Last time he beat up people, now he will be be beaten up.
He told HK01 that he may consider playing someone who gets beat up in the movie.

“I can’t fight that well anymore,” Chow laughs.

As for the plotline, the sequel will have a different storyline than the first movie and it will be set in modern day and in a foreign country.

Remember this scene?
However, kung fu elements and the concept of the movie will be similar to ‘Kung Fu Hustle’.

No cast members or release date have been confirmed so far but we’re sure everyone is rooting for the Landlady to somehow make an appearance!

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