5 Things You Should Know Before Watching 'Cold Pursuit'

This will (finally) be Liam Neeson's last action movie.

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5 Things You Should Know Before Watching 'Cold Pursuit'
Movies about revenge are (almost) everyone’s guilty pleasure.
Firstly, it is because we’ve all had moments where we just want to get back at somebody for something they did to us. Secondly, because it is illegal to go as far as what these movie characters do in seeking revenge.
For example, vengeful activities that involve violence and murder.
So, all we can do is live out our grudges vicariously through these movies and picture your sworn enemies’ faces on those you see on-screen.
For starters, let’s go with Liam Neeson’s latest film, Cold Pursuit, which he calls “a whirlwind of vengeance, violence and dark humour”.

We’ve compiled a few things we thought you should know about this movie before heading to the cinemas.

#1 It’s another vigilante story

Why do you keep messing with his family? 
Call it another Taken in which Neeson’s character famously possess a “very particular set of skills” all you want, Cold Pursuit is categorised as an action film with black comedy, a type of film that touches on taboo subjects like death, murder, crime, suicide, and war in a satirical manner.
In this movie, the veteran actor plays Nels Coxman who works as a snow plough driver in a small and quiet town called Kehoe.
The local police here are not used to a lot of action going on until Coxman’s son Kyle dies of an apparent heroine overdose.
Soon after, Coxman learns that the death was a cover-up and his son was actually murdered by a drug lord, Trevor “Viking” Calcote, played by Tom Bateman.
Powered by rage and armed with heavy machinery, Coxman naturally sets out to kill members of the drug cartel one at a time.
But how does a humble snow plough driver learn how to murder a person? By reading a crime novel.
As the bodies pile up, Coxman’s actions spark a turf war between Viking and his long-standing viral White Bull (Tom Jackson), a Native-American mafia boss, and they literally paint the small town blood red.

#2 Liam Neeson’s last action movie

It's time for him to stop fighting. 
Yes, the 66-year-old actor is finally hanging up his punches after years of action.
Let’s face it, the world doesn’t need another Taken-like movie. Come on, we’re pretty sure Neeson is talented enough to play roles that are more than just an angry and vengeful father or husband.
The star himself also agreed that he is done making action movies despite getting “serious money” for them.
After The Commuter in 2018 and this upcoming Cold Pursuit, he is ready for other challenges.

#3 Remake of a Norwegian film

Watch the Norwegian version before seeing this. 
As it turns out, Cold Pursuit is a remake of a Norwegian film in 2014, In Order of Disappearance starring Stellan Skarsgård as the leading role.
And guess what? Both films are by the same director, Hans Petter Moland.
We know what you’re thinking. Why would one person make two different movies with a similar plot?
But why not?
Stellan Skarsgard playing the same role as Neeson.
“When I was offered the chance to remake In Order of Disappearance, this time in English (as opposed to his native Norwegian of the original), I took it,” Moland said.
For the remake, the director invited most of his original crew, but he also engaged a new screenwriter Frank Baldwin, and a whole new set of supporting cast, including Laura Dern, Emmy Rossum and Julia Jones.
The film’s producer Michael Shamberg also shared his thoughts on why it was important to have Moland himself direct this remake in his Hollywood debut.
“When I saw In Order of Disappearance, it had everything. And Cold Pursuit is the same. Audiences will be emotionally invested in the characters, satisfied with it as an action film, and also be surprised by how funny it is,” said.
“It’s a film where that balance has to be just right, and that’s why Hans Petter had to be the one to do it.”

#4 Originally titled Hard Powder 

Here’s where it gets a bit confusing for us.
We know that the previous title set for Cold Pursuit was Hard Powder. However, we can’t seem to figure out why they decided to change the name.
He does have a permanent frown, doesn't he?
Some said Hard Powder may have made it too obvious of a comedy. Others thought it was a wise decision because the first title was probably too pun-based.
Overall, we do appreciate the movie’s tagline, “Revenge is best served cold.”

#5 Murdered son played by Neeson’s own son

Kyle Coxman is played by Micheál Richardson, who happens to be Neeson’s son in real-life with the late Natasha Richardson.
The young actor previously appeared on VOX LUX, which premiered at the Venice Film Festival in early 2018. He has also worked alongside seasoned actors like Jude Law and Natalie Portman.
Although he makes a minor appearance in Cold Pursuit, since his character dies early in the story, it would be interesting to see the father and son pairing together on-screen.

Cold Pursuit is out in cinemas nationwide this 21 February.

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