Henry Golding Is Rumoured To Play The Next James Bond!

"I couldn't possibly say anything about that."

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Henry Golding Is Rumoured To Play The Next James Bond!
Last year, Henry Golding made Malaysia proud after breaking into Hollywood with leading roles the box office hit Crazy Rich AsiansA Simple Favor and the holiday film coming up this year, Last Christmas.

By now, the British-Malaysian television-host-turned-actor would have been a household name here.

Just as things start getting better for the 32-year-old, there are now rumours of a potential project that could change the game for Golding.

He is apparently in talks to play the new James Bond!

Since the current 007 Daniel Craig will reportedly no longer be part of this franchise after filming Bond 25 (currently untitled), there have been rumours of possible replacements, like Idris Elba. 

We're rooting for you, Henry!
And our very own Golding's name has also crept up into the list of new potentials for Bond 26!

However, the Borneo-born star is keeping quiet about these speculations going around. He told TMZ, "I couldn't possibly say anything about that."

Although nobody has stepped out to confirm said rumours, no one is denying them either.

For now, Craig is set to return to his final appearance as the debonair spy, which is set to release in 8 April 2020.

All Bond's should have smoldering eyes like that.
So until somebody or maybe Golding himself can tell us whether this is true or not, here's a list of British actors we thought would make a great Bond.

#1 Idris Elba

He looks good in a suit.
Elba was the first name that had popped up amidst potential replacements for the new spy, which would have been exciting considering he would be the first black Bond. It also helps that he is super suave! However, the Luther actor has denied rumours of him being the frontrunner for the role.

#2 Tom Hardy

Don't look into those eyes, you could melt.
Hardy has proven his talent to transform into different characters over the course of years he has been in the industry. From playing the epic villain Bane in The Dark Knight Rises, to his most recent antihero role as Venom, we trust that his looks and skills alone would make great sense as the new Bond.

#3 Benedict Cumberbatch

There's more than one reason to love this man.
The gentleman of all gentlemen has quite a knack for action films after witnessing his role as Marvel's Doctor Strange. Who would have thought? So if Cumberbatch were to play 007, he could potentially charm his way through all the important fight scenes.

#4 Colin Firth

This already looks like a Bond poster!
As seen in Kingsman, adding Firth to the list is practically a no-brainer. He may be pushing 60 in a couple of years, we already know that he would make a great spy as "manners maketh man".

#5 Henry Cavill

We wouldn't mind if he kept the beard for the role.
Well, hello Superman. Say whatever you want about his ability to play the DC superhero, there is no doubt that we can easily see him as the world's most famous spy with his sophisticated appearance and calm mannerism.

BONUS: David Beckham

And Victoria Beckham can be Bond girl.
This is just for fun because we know that this will probably never happen. Or could it? Not sure about the voice as Bond though. But we'll leave that to your imagination.

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