This 15-Year-Old M’sian ‘Human Calculator’ Just Stunned Everyone On ‘Asia’s Got Talent’

Wonder how long did it take him to finish his math paper.

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This 15-Year-Old M’sian ‘Human Calculator’ Just Stunned Everyone On ‘Asia’s Got Talent’
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This kid probably eats a calculator for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

If you’re a fan of ‘Asia’s Got Talent’ and have been binge-watching the show for the past three seasons, we’re pretty sure you think you’ve seen it all.

Comedy acts, dancing acts, singers, magicians, and creepy people (read: Sacred Riana) have graced our TV sets for years.

But one Malaysian teenager finally brought something different to the table.

Can you help us do our taxes ah?
15-year-old Yaashwin Sarawanan was dubbed ‘the Human Calculator’ after appearing on a recent episode of ‘Asia’s Got Talent’. His act wowed not only the judges but viewers at home too!

The SMK Bandar Tun Hussein Onn student brought along a calculator and enlisted the help of David Foster and Anggun to give him any mathematical equation.

Within a split second he could deliver the answer and at one point, Anggun pointed out that he actually ‘beat’ the calculator.

Watch his amazing performance here:

Many Malaysians were proud of him and applauded his amazing ability to make mental calculations.

To top of it all, his confidence and personality really shined through.

YouTube commenter Mat Poi  “Wow!!!!! how he calculates and making jokes at the same time???!!!!!! This is the talent that I want to see !!!!” while Allamanda Ahj said “Boy...I'm so proud of you. So brilliant 😊 You’re gonna make it to final round.  Malaysia boleh.”

Yaashwin making mental calculations be like...
The young math wizard received three yesses from the judges and will advance to the next round.

Congratulations Yaashwin! Malaysia is rooting for you and we hope you’ll make it to the finals.

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