We've Got Some Spankin' New Local Tracks That You Need To Check Out

New week, new music!

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We've Got Some Spankin' New Local Tracks That You Need To Check Out
Roshan Jamrock

Guilty of keeping it real.

Crikey, it's March already? We've been receiving heaps of submissions for new music but as much as we'd like to feature 'em all and on a more consistent basis, that has proven to be a little tough.

Alas, given the opportunity (just like now), we're back with another list of great Malaysian English music that you are bound to enjoy.

Keep those submissions coming and hey, if you, reading this right now, feel that coming up with music-related articles such as this is your cuppa _________ (insert favourite beverage here), then write in to us at: and try to convince us why we should pick you as our music writer! We'd love to hear from you.

You know what else we love? Discovering new great music like the ones listed below. Get those headphones ready and enjoy. 

Roshan – "Too Original"

Here’s a song that flips the bird to backseat music critiques who are constantly trying to tell artistes on “how to sound like” or what to “do more of.” And you can tell our main man from Kajang just had heaps of fun putting it together.

With elements of 90’s Hip Hop and some of dem island vibes mon, Roshan once again shines by surprising us with this fresh new track that also sends an important message to musicians all around – don’t be afraid of finding your own unique sound and you know, just being yourself.

Aina Abdul – "Shadow"

In a time and age where I’ve developed severe allergies to auto-tune and indistinguishable music, we must say Aina Abdul is an absolute uplifting breath of fresh air.

Trained under Malaysia’s very own Queen of Rock, Ella, it’s no surprise just how much she has accomplished thus far. Her musical journey after all started back when she was in highschool having performed at weddings, talent shows and singing competitions, going for vocal classes almost on a daily basis and she soon even attended USCI University to pursue music. Then in 2014, she bagged the title of Senior Grand Vocalist Champion during the World Championships of Performing Arts that was held in Los Angeles.

Here she is in all her vocal glory with  "Shadow", her newly released single. 

Hunny Madu – "Ways"

There really is no stopping Hunny Madu. One would think that being a mum, having a cosmetics business and being a host of Channel News Asia’s ‘Check In Series’ would leave her little to no room at all to focus on anything else (let alone breathe). But she’s done just that and released an upbeat and catchy new track called "Ways" recently!

Perhaps it all boils down to why she’s doing it: “I pursue music because it’s my passion. If the music takes me there because of my passion and drive, then why not? I don’t see it as something I must do, but I see it as an opportunity.”

A great entertainer and an inspiration, there is much we can learn from her… ways. 

Amrita Soon – "Familiar Strangers"


Fondly referred to as Malaysia’s very own ‘young Taylor Swift’, Amrita Soon just recently launched her second album, Familiar Strangers.

The album of seven tracks (one of which features 'Malaysian Idol' Season 2 winner, Daniel Lee) is said to be inspired by the month of December – ya know, the time of the year where we all feel festive, get fat, go on holiday and make promises we won’t keep the following year. Of course, that’s our interpretation of December.

According to the songstress herself, "It's nostalgic to be living in December. Looking back on the year, holding on to the moments that are like fading photographs. Sometimes people change and it's like you don't know them anymore. Sometimes you're the one who has changed, not them; and it's the face in the mirror you no longer recognise. We've become strangers now, catching glances into each other's eyes and bringing back glimpses into what was, but isn't anymore."

Have a listen to the title track for a taste of what Amrita Soon has to offer in her new album.

Like what you hear? Spread the love and why not vote for your favourite track on the MET10 chart by clicking the image below: 

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