A 'Gundam'-Like Statue Was Found In Indonesia And Yes, They've Already Claimed It

It was apparently there since the 1200s.

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A 'Gundam'-Like Statue Was Found In Indonesia And Yes, They've Already Claimed It

The emperor's favourite robot?

'Gundam' is arguably one of the world's most popular anime series. First debuted on 7 April 1979 in Japan, the 'Gundam' franchise has spawned countless spin-offs, movies and video games.

​In fact, as of 2018, it became one of the top 15 highest-grossing media franchises of all time, with a total revenue of more than USD20bil (RM82.7bil).

You could say 'Gundam' is a very big deal, and a recent discovery in Indonesia had fans going totally nuts, especially Indonesian netizens.

Apparently, someone recently found a 'Gundam' statue made of stone somewhere in Nyamat, Central Java, Indonesia and photos of the statue have been circulating like wildfire on social media.

Man, 'Gundam' is old!
The statue is almost completely covered in moss and the stone looks weathered, which kinda suggests that it has been there for a very, very long time.

So long, in fact, the person claims that locals staying around the area swear the statue has been around since the Majapahit dynasty, which existed from the year 1293 to around 1500.

Umm, what?

The King must have been a big fan, huh?
Of course, doing what they do best, our brothers and sisters from across the Straits of Malacca were quick to claim that the popular cartoon robot was, indeed, from Indonesia:

Sorry, our Indonesian brethren, but we would have to call bullsh*t on your claim this time.

Eagle-eyed 'Gundam' fans were quick to note that the statue bears similarity to GN-001 Gundam Exia from the 'Gundam 00' series - which officially debuted on 6 October 2007.

Also, the series recently celebrated its 10th anniversary and it was a big deal in Japan.

Don't. Spread. Fake. News!
So, the most logical explanation for the existence of this statue is that someone sculpted it to celebrate the occassion and after the festivity was over, left it there to rot.

We mean, we made a dragon for 'Game Of Thrones', and we didn't claim that dragons are from Malaysia, right? 

Don't feel too bad, though: we will let you claim the haze, OK? Because we don't want any of it.

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