John Cena Is Reportedly Joining The Cast Of ‘Suicide Squad 2’

Let’s hope his character won’t be invisible…

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John Cena Is Reportedly Joining The Cast Of ‘Suicide Squad 2’
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Which character should John Cena play?

It seems like the fate of ‘Suicide Squad 2’ has brought DC fans on an emotional rollercoaster ride.

From Will Smith’s departure from the franchise to the casting of Idris Elba as a new character, we wonder what the final cast line-up will look like.

And now, it looks like fans can look forward to seeing (or not seeing, if you know what we mean) another Hollywood star joining the expanding cast – John Cena.

Can you see him now?
has reported that the WWE star is in talks to star in James Gunn’s ‘Suicide Squad’ sequel.

Cena will star alongside Margot Robbie, Jai Courtney, Viola Davis, and Idris Elba, but there's no word yet on who will he be playing.

However, there are rumours that he may potentially be taking on the role of Peacemaker, the DC version of Marvel's the Punisher.

This role will also be the former WWE’s star first foray into comic book films.

‘Suicide Squad 2’ is slated to hit cinemas on 6 August 2021. It's still a long way to go, so for all you know, Cena could even play the villain.

But let’s just hope we can all ‘see’ his character or imagine the irony if one of his superpowers is invisibility! 

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